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White Ink for Clear Vinyl Decal & Label Printing

Custom high-quality decal printing and label printing from Smartpress just got more versatile with expanded digital printing options. Now when you order clear vinyl decal printing, you can print with white ink or include it as a fifth color in the CMYK process.

Our sticky vinyl options have always been popular as they can be tailor-made to meet most size, material, and quantity specifications. Choose from either a white decal as a base (and be able to include white in the negative space of the design) or a clear base (without any white) as an option.

White Ink for Clear Vinyl Decal & Label Printing

White Ink on Label Printing

Clear or white vinyl decals are a good choice for glass surfaces, including car windows or business storefronts. Before this advancement in technology, designers had difficulties figuring out how they were going to print their designs. Now with the new white ink decal printing capability, the possibilities for clear vinyl have increased vastly. No longer will graphic designers have to choose a white vinyl decal when a clear one with a white ink printing option would look better.

White Ink for Clear Vinyl Decal & Label Printing

White Ink Printing on Labels

HP ElectroInk White is the first white ink developed specifically for digital printing presses. The results are incredible, with the white being so bright and opaque that it looks like it is a part of the vinyl. The opportunities available through it are endless.  It can be used as a fifth color in the CMYK process, or if you are feeling more simplistic, used as the only color in the design. It can even be pused as a first layer on the vinyl to create a white canvas upon which other full-color designs can be printed on top of.

It takes a few extra steps to set up a file for printing with white ink:

  1.  In InDesign, create a new layer that will contain the white portions of your design. This layer should be titled “White”, and because the software we use to print is case sensitive, it is crucial you make sure the W is capitalized.
  2.  On the White layer, fill in the portions of the design that you would like to have inked white.
  3.  Working with the layer, click Window > Attributes, then put a check next to either (or both) “Overprint Strokes” and “Overprint Fill,” depending on your design.
  4.  Arrange the White layer to bring it to the front of your file, even if it obscures your overall design. It needs to be at the top because the white ink will go down before the colored ink.
  5.  Output your file to PDF from Adobe InDesign and send it to Smartpress, along with your digital printing order.

Decals are a great way to promote your business and products. They are perfect for attention-grabbing packaging labels, window decals for a storefront, or to get your message to clients by using them as bumper stickers. Now with our white ink offering, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination with decal printing from Smartpress.


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