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Print Pocket Folders with Smartpress

Pocket Folders and Your Business

Businesses often give a lot of thought to custom marketing materials like flyers, booklets, business cards and sell sheets. What about an additional branded marketing piece to hold all your marketing collateral? Pocket folders are the perfect solution to personalize and keep your marketing materials in one place. With all the different folded components to these flyers, setting up a pocket folder may seem like a complicated task. It doesn’t have to be with the the file setup reference file.

The pocket folder layout guide file is in PDF form, so it is simple to import into your Creative Suite program of choice.

Pocket Folder Considerations

Choosing the proper paper stock is essential. On occasion, the ability to write on the folders may be desired. In that case, an uncoated paper stock will be the best choice. If the ability to write on the folder is not necessary, gloss and UV coating is available. If you’re looking for extra shine and durability, UV is a great add-on and be sure to choose Ultra-Gloss.

You may notice a few diagonal lines in the diagram. These are perforated as a slot to hold a business card. This is optional, but if this is something that you would like to include, there is the option to have one or two of these slots.

Your design can go all the way to the edge, making full-bleed artwork a great choice! Both the inside and the outside of the folder can have full bleed artwork. Let your imagination go wild!

When setting up your file, keep these important things in mind:

  • The gray area shows where the live area is. This is where your design will go.
  • When artwork is intended to go the edge of the folder, include a 1/8″ bleed (shown in orange in the reference file).
  • The blue line is the “safe area”, make sure nothing important is in this area, as to not risk getting it cut off.
  • The green area is where the inside of the folded pocket will be. Art will not be visible here.
  • You will notice dotted black lines in the reference guide, these show where the folder will be folded.

Below is shows how the layout guide relates to the actual folder. Sometimes visualizing the different panels helps to spark some design ideas.

  • “1” – Front Cover
  • “2” – Back Cover
  • “3” – Inside Left
  • “4” – Inside Right
  • “5” – Inside Right Flap
  • “6” – Inside Left Flap

Pocket Folder Design Guides“5” and “6” tend to be the most difficult. Remember, that the artwork goes on the Outside View but appears when the folder is opened. If the folder is laying flat, the artwork on the pockets may be rotated 180 degrees compared to the front and back cover. The folders flip up so the artwork must go the correct way when seeing it from the inside view. Also, this where the optional business card holders go.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you design your next pocket folder. With a variety of paper options and UV coating, your pocket folders are sure to impress.

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