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Smartpress is in the Olympic Spirit!

Olympic season is upon us, and we can’t wait to watch the competition heat up. Since we aren’t able to make the trip down to Rio (and chances are you are watching the games from your living room as well), we’re bringing the Olympics to you!

In Olympic fashion, we made three medals, similar to those the winners receive on the podium at the end of their respective competitions. These medals – gold, silver, and bronze, of course – are the perfect representation of all the fun and flexible options you have when you choose to print with Smartpress.  From paper stocks to white ink printing and laser die-cutting to drilling options, the opportunities are endless to bring your project to life.

Olympic Medals Paper Stock

Paper Stocks

One of the first things you notice about these medals is the striking paper that they are printed on. To create these, we used our Metallic Gold Leaf, Silver Foil, and Kraft Speckletone stocks.

Our metallic paper stocks are great for making your cards or other printing projects stand out. Both our gold leaf and silver foil stocks are recycled, so you can feel good about adding that extra shimmer.

Olympic Gold Medal

Our kraft speckletone stock portrays more of a rustic, vintage look due to the visible flecks and straw present in the appearance. It is much coarser than the metallic papers, but because of this, is very durable and stands up to wear and tear. It is made from 100% recycled content, with 30% of it coming from post-consumer waste. It is also made with 100% green hydropower and processed chlorine-free. It doesn’t get eco-friendlier than that!

White Ink Printing

We are obsessed with our white ink printing, and we think you will be too. Thanks to online  printing, the process is a complete breeze, giving you the option to print white only, with CMYK, or CMYK on top of a layer of white ink.

Olympic Silver Medal

The way the white stands out against the papers is so bright and sure to impress with results so breathtaking. In the past, white ink required multiple prints and extended dry time. Thankfully, this is a thing of the past. Our white ink dries almost immediately, getting your projects done sooner!

Laser Die-Cutting

Thanks to our MotionCutter® laser die cutting system, the shape options for your projects are endless. In this case, we chose a circle, but we’ve seen hearts, stars, triangles – anything you can think of! Additionally, intricate patterns can be cut into the material, leaving your project clean and sharp-looking.

Olympic Bronze Medal

In addition to shapes, our digital die cutting can perform a plethora of other tasks. Scoring, as well as perforating, can be done so that your recipients can tear off that coupon or RSVP you’ve attached to your printing project. Additionally, kiss-cutting, etching, and variable finishing will make sure your projects are as unique as possible.

Drilling Options

Lastly, to string the ribbons through the medals so they can be worn, we took advantage of our drilling options. Depending on the product (cards, calendars, notepads, etc.) various drilling options are available, such as single hole, double hole, triple hole. It’s the perfect finishing touch!

Olympic Medals Drilling

We hope you have been inspired by these medals, and that we have opened your eyes to just a few of the many services Smartpress.com can offer to you. As with the good spirit present in the Olympic Games, our customer service representatives are always at your service, willing to answer any question you may have. They are available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST, and can be reached at 1-888-934-6909.


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