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Save the Date Magnets for Business Events

Save the dates are traditionally used for weddings and personal parties, but businesses and nonprofits are also utilizing them to draw attention to major events in their calendar. With some creativity and ingenuity, save the dates can be used a cost effective and innovative event marketing tool.

Email marketing campaigns, online advertising, hanging banners, posters, and print advertising are all effective ways of spreading the message about an event that you’re hosting, but none of them harness the power of the personal touch, which save the dates can offer.

When someone has something physical in their hand, the tactile nature of this item, plus its physical presence in their home or office space, means that it will not simply be forgotten about when someone clicks away from your online page or has passed the hanging banner in your store front.

Save the date magnets are a fun and efficient way to surprise people with a gift, spread information about your event, and most importantly, to keep this information in the forefront of people’s minds when it is placed on their fridge, office cabinet, or noticeboard. They may be of particular value for advertising an annual event, as the refrigerator reminder may compel recipients to watch out for the next time it’s scheduled to occur.

Here’s some inspiration and ideas of how you could use a save the date magnet to advertise your own event.


Nonprofit Fundraising Event

With all the planning and work involved with hosting a fundraising event, the most important thing you need to do is ensure that people actually arrive at the right place at the right time. Create a beautiful and eye catching save the date magnet that people will actually want to display in their home or office, and you’ll definitely improve the chances of high attendance. Animal organizations can create them using cute pictures of the animals, as everyone will love to put that on their fridge!

Epic Sale

Single day or weekend sales often drive huge sales as there is an alarming sense of urgency to customers who don’t want to miss out on the crazy discounts. If your business is planning to host an epic limited time sale, then creating a bunch of save the date magnets could be a great way to ensure that your customers don’t miss the event.


Art Show Gallery

Innovative advertising techniques such as save the date magnets can help to attract people to your event, while also revealing a little about it. You can utilize one of the pieces of artwork that will be featured at the event for the magnet image, as this will be something your ideal attendees will be all too happy to showcase in their homes and workplaces.

New Store Opening

Whether you’re opening a new business, or expanding to a new location, your potential customers will want to know about it. A beautiful save the date magnet will remind them to pay you a visit on opening day, and will also keep you in their mind beyond that, too.


Conventions, Conferences and Trade Shows

With so much happening in the business calendar, making your convention, conference, or trade show truly memorable is no easy task. Sending out save the date magnets to all the people and businesses who have registered an interest in attending will prompt action, and if displayed within a workplace can help to spark conversation and excitement about your event.

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