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Promotional Calendar Ideas for Business

Business calendars are fantastic tools for branding, marketing, and fundraising. After all, even with our digital hand-held calendars in smartphone form, nearly everyone has at least one calendar in their kitchen, office, workplace, or on their desk. A professionally printed calendar can be produced for very little expenditure of time or money and by selling or giving away your calendars, you will have the opportunity to showcase your brand in people’s homes and workplaces for an entire year – something which is not easy to achieve any other way.

Calendars for Business


Poster Calendar PrintingUnlike other marketing materials such as leaflets, flyers, and booklets, a well designed business calendar will likely be on display for the entirety of the year, which is great news for your business. Every time someone looks at the calendar they will be reminded of your business, and if it has been hung up in an office or communal space, lots of people are likely to see it over the 12 month period. Some companies choose to give their calendars away to staff, customers, and associates as it’s a fantastic way to reach new prospects and promote their brand. For this type of purpose, poster calendars or value calendars are ideal as they are low cost, but still maintain a highly professional finish.


Custom Calendar PrintingCalendar printing can be an excellent way of raising additional funds for your business or cause. With the right photography or artwork, you could make a beautiful fundraising calendar that people would love to hang in their homes, which is not only great for promotion but also for earning extra money. For companies that want to give back, there is always the option of donating the funds to charity, which demonstrates that they care about important causes, while also gaining exposure. If you really want your calendar printing venture to be popular, why not go for something a little out of the ordinary and make magnetic calendars that can be stuck on a fridge or filing cabinet? If you’re eager to show off some of your amazing artwork, then wall calendars are a nice way to do this as you can select a different image for each month of the year.

Internal Calendars

If you like all of your employees to be well organized and kept in the loop about important dates throughout the year, why not create a business calendar specifically for them? There are lots of great ways of doing this, including fold out desktop calendars, wall-hung calendars, and card calendars, all of which can be tailored to your needs. You can include public holidays, work events, annual deadlines, and other industry specific dates onto the calendar to ensure your staff members are always informed.

Every business should have its own calendar produced as they are a cost-effective branding and marketing tool, as well as a great way to raise some extra funds. Smartpress.com offers a wide selection of calendar printing options for you to choose from, and the ordering process is quick and simple.

Desk Calendar Printing

Ready to get your project started? Take a look at Smartpress.com’s calendar printing options. You’re sure to find something to suit your needs.


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