Vibrant Brochure Reveals Agency’s Evolved Branding

Eva Day is a creative director known for her wizardry when it comes to illustrating masterpieces on the spot from even the faintest idea. At the Alexandria, Virginia ad agency, Williams Whittle, where she works, Eva’s artistic skill is on full display every day, whether she’s executing a concept at her desk in no time or, graphically recording a keynote speaker in real time at one of her agency’s non-profit conferences.

Layered circle cutouts by the “Die Cut Queen”!

Prominent circles draw attention to highlight messaging

Circling the Date

“As part of our agency’s 50th anniversary, we decided to update our branding materials to reflect the milestone,” Eva said. “ I zeroed in on a circle shape to help draw attention and highlight messaging. Since they call me the die cut queen, I went there. I did multiple circular die cuts, added roll folds and a new, brighter color palette. Then, I huddled with our writer to come up with the right words and illustrations to tell our story.”

Brochure features brand’s bright new color palette

50 Years Young

“Williams Whittle is an agency steeped in history,” she explained. “The shop is actually housed in the former home of George Washington’s pastor and friend, the Rev. Thomas Davis. Agency lore is that George often dined here. Which is one of the reasons the partners had always relied on historical colors when it came to its branding palette.”


“And while the agency’s been around a long time,” she said “I wanted to make sure that even after 50 years, we didn’t look out of touch. Frankly, color choices can have a lot to do with that.”


“To be honest, I wasn’t sure how our CEO would feel when I first proposed the addition of teal and yellow to their traditional brick red colorway but I thought the infusion of color would give it just the makeover it needed. It was brighter, more vibrant and didn’t date us, ” Eva said. “Admittedly, it took a few conversations before Rob finally agreed.”

“I wanted to make sure that even after 50 years, we didn’t look out of touch. Frankly, color choices can have a lot to do with that.”

Drawing On Our History And Expertise

“We introduced the new color palette with this 6 x 6 roll fold and our booth display at the annual nonprofit conference that we host, ” she said. “The illustrations scattered throughout the piece are a nod to a couple of things WW is known for – our historic front door which is said to have regularly welcomed the Father of our Country and the sketches I do during keynote addresses at our regularly sponsored conferences. It’s something the agency is known for. And, I guess me, too.”

No Plan B

“Good die cuts are not easy, especially layering them the way I did,” Eva said. “So, it was a little nerve-wracking. We were on a time crunch and if it didn’t go well there wasn’t time to do anything else.”


“When the sample arrived, I couldn’t have been happier. It looked exactly the way I had pictured it,” she said. “The circles lined up and the colors were as vibrant as I had hoped.”

“I love interesting folds and die cuts. I always have,” Eva continued. “Unfortunately, we don’t get to do that much anymore. Everything is digital nowadays, so when I get a chance to do a piece that you can touch, I really go to town.”

Print Details


100# Coated Matte White Stock with Soft Touch Aqueous Coating on Both Sides, Digital Laser Cutting, Roll Fold, 23.8 x 6 Landscape Format Unfolded, Folds Down to 6 x 6

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