Mini-Calendar Captures the Majestic Pacific Northwest Beauty

Mother-son duo captures the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest in their stunning mini-calendars. Photographer Linda Lantzy and her son, Kyle, a graphic designer, are in their seventh year of producing the mini-calendar sold in many state park gift shops and stores across Idaho.

Calendars - Idaho Calendar 2017

Calendars – Idaho Calendar 2017

Linda’s Inspiration

Linda was born and raised in northern Idaho, and she uses the stunning landscapes that surround her as her primary backdrop. Her breathtaking images of the Pacific Northwest reflect the beauty of the scenery that continues to drive her photographic art.

Kyle’s Design

Kyle, who runs KDLdesign, created the layout of the mini-calendar and continues to design many projects for Linda, including the logos for her website. “I’m very pleased with his work,” Linda said, adding about the calendar, “It just gets better every year.”

Finishing Options

Linda chose a soft touch finish for the covers over high gloss or flat coating options. The saddle-stitch binding decision was a practical choice made due to the distribution of the calendars. Some calendars get shipped, and she wanted a binding type that worked well for mailing in envelopes.


This was the third time Linda turned to Smartpress to print her annual calendar. “I’m definitely happy with the printing, and the shrink wrapping is done very nicely,” she said. “I’m very pleased with how they turned out.” Enjoy Linda’s photography at her website.

Calendars - Idaho Calendar 2017

Calendars – Saddle Stich binding

Print Details

Saddle Stitch Calendar

Full Color, 100# Cover - Premium Matte, 100# Text, 6x6, 28 Pages

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