• Business Card Reflects this Illustrator’s Favorite Things

    Steph Calvert Art, the brainchild of illustrator Steph Calvert, is a one-woman show for all your illustration needs. Based outside of Savannah, Georgia, in the small town of Guyton, Steph is a work-at-home mom, where she shares her creative space with her two children.


    After earning her degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, followed by over fifteen years of professional work, Steph just recently rebranded her company in order to become a full-time illustrator. Because of this big step, she was in need of new business cards.

    Business Card – Rounded Corners

    Business Card – Shrink Wrapping

    After creating an incredibly unique logo that reflected everything Steph loved to do, she had a hard time finding a printer that could print in the dimensions she wanted, let alone without having to shrink the logo. Thanks to Smartpress, Steph was able to make her designs even more one-of-a-kind with our unique printing options.


    “I didn’t want it to look too corporate. As an illustrator, I really wanted it to look unique and fun.” Bringing handwork and digital printing perfectly together, Steph was able to create a square business card and added Ultra-Gloss UV Coating to make the colors and details pop.

    “I didn’t want it to look too corporate. As an illustrator, I really wanted it to look unique and fun.”

    Because of the brackets within her logo, Steph felt as though rounding the corners of her card was a “no-brainer.” However, they were not a part of the original proof, and Steph was worried it was too late to add them in. It was in this instance that she was immediately impressed with the Smartpress.com customer service. “I emailed back asking to add them in and they did. Everyone has been really responsive, my representative got right back to me, and the order looked awesome.”

    Business Card - Steph Calvert Art

    Business Card – Steph Calvert Art

    Print Details

    Business Card

    Semigloss card - Coated 1 Side, 14 pt, Ultra-Gloss U/V Coating - 1 Sided, Square, 1/4" Rounded Corners

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