Booklet Design by Amy Willis of Ker & Downey

We love when we get to produce a standout design concept submitted by our talented customers! Amy Willis, a graphic designer for Ker & Downey, printed a booklet with us that immediately piqued our interest.


As a designer for an award-winning luxury tour operator, Amy conceptualized and implemented an improved marketing concept for the company. This initiative led to redesigned booklets and other collateral as part of an ongoing effort to improve the company’s image through updated and upscale visuals.

Booklets - Saddle Stitch Binding

Booklets – Saddle Stitch Binding

What is the goal of the booklet?

Ker & Downey tasked Amy with a new design for an event annually held in Cape Town. “We participate in several trade shows, and one of the biggest ones is called ‘We Are Africa’,” she explained. The goal of the piece is to promote Egypt as the luxury tourist destination that it is.


The updated concept consists of more visually stunning images combined with minimal copy, which creates a cleaner, more sophisticated look. Additionally, Amy notes the use of landscape-oriented images which create more impact when clients open and browse the booklets. The company’s previous collateral used more traditional design concepts.

Booklets - Shrink Wrapping

Booklets – Shrink Wrapping

What selections were chosen for the production of this booklet?

Amy chose the saddle-stitched booklet product which offers the most comprehensive variety of stocks and finishes. She explained that the size of the piece was crucial because the booklets had to fit into 9” x 12” envelopes. “The size was good because it could fit in people’s bags and they didn’t have to hang on to it. It wasn’t too thick, so it wasn’t too heavy,” Amy explained about her 8” x 10” choice. “Definitely having that longer landscape when the spreads were open was what we were looking for.”


Shrink Wrapping BookletsIn addition to an 8” x 10” size choice for her 16-page booklet, Amy selected full-color printing (4/4) on a 100# matte cover with 100# matte text weight, saddle stitch, and left bind. The smooth matte stock adds another level of sophistication to the finished piece.


Amy was quick to credit the photographer who was responsible for capturing just the right images. “I can’t take all the credit for it because her images are really stunning, and they made the book particularly come alive,” she said. “We had a great photographer working for us.”

Booklets - Ker & Downey

Booklets – Ker & Downey

Print Details

Saddle Stitch Booklet

Full Color, 100# Matte Cover, 100# Text, 8x10 Landscape, 16 Pages

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