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Paper Airplane Design Takes Off Delivering a Unique Effect

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a wedding program?

Graphic designer Dana Osborne recently designed and printed wedding programs that folded into paper airplanes for an aeronautical themed wedding. The idea originated during a conversation with the groom regarding his upcoming wedding, and the idea took off figuratively and literally.

Printing Paper Airplane ProgramsThe couple chose the Strategic Air and Space Museum for the reception, so an aeronautical theme was an obvious choice. They started with an invitation that looked like an airplane ticket complete with a perforated edge that worked as the RSVP.

Dana says she is still not sure who said it first, but when she heard the idea of a paper airplane type of program, Dana said, “Yes, we need to do that. I love the idea.” While she wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to do it, Dana knew that she would find a way to bring this unique concept to life.

Paper Airplane InstructionsAfter locating some inspirational materials online, Dana roughed out her idea using Adobe Illustrator. Along with incorporating all the necessary wedding information, she and the couple finally settled on the final decision to include directions on how to properly fold the design, complete with a diagram, on felt weave stock.

Dana said the felt weave was the couple’s choice. She typically doesn’t use this paper, but she realized that it added to the vintage, rustic look for the wedding invitations and programs.

Another Satisfied Couple

Folding Paper AirplaneAccording to Dana, the couple was ecstatic with the entire project, “They were thrilled with it. They couldn’t say enough great things to me about how that went.” Dana said the bride noted that her guests loved the theme and the unique aspect of it.

Dana credited the couple for their participation in the design process, “I wouldn’t have followed this if they didn’t want to go through with the theme through their whole wedding.” She went on to say, “It’s a collaboration, and I’m glad it came together so well for them.”

Dana OsborneDana is a freelance designer who started DSY Designs in 2011. Initially starting with friends’ weddings and then friends of friends, Dana’s business flourished. The success led to more business through referrals, and she went from designing 12 to 15 weddings to what she approximates will be 75 this year.

Though Dana designs other concepts, she loves doing weddings because it keeps her on her toes with current trends. Her real satisfaction, however, lies with the individuals for whom she is designing. “You get to meet so many awesome couples, and I think that’s probably my favorite part.”

Wedding Paper Airplane Program

Design credit: DSY Designs

Smartpress: Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

Dana has worked with Smartpress in the past, and after seeing how we produced the original wedding invitations with perforated edges, Dana said she knew that by using Smartpress, the paper airplane program would be exactly what she expected it to be. “Knowing how the invitation turned out, there were no question marks.” She cited consistency and quality as factors for again working with Smartpress.

Here are the paper airplanes in action sending off the happy couple in style!

When a couple has their reception at the @sacaerospacemuseum, you gotta send them on their way with #paperairplanes. 

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