Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are the Ultimate Interchangeable Signage Solution

Make no mistake, Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) is fast becoming the new sign of our times. Today’s stylishly sleek and sophisticated soft signage option is not just a must-have for store retailers but, space designers, too. And why not? The fabric’s smooth finish and luxuriously rich color adds sizzle to any setting – whether it’s in a retail showroom or a convention ballroom.

Adds Sizzle

Born in the luxury retail space, SEG is transforming everything from intimate restaurants to gigantic sports arenas. It offers the high visibility and dramatic design needed to enhance any venue and turn it into the impact point for brand engagement.


Saves Time

Created with an ink-jet method called dye-sublimation which infuses colorants into fabric using heat and pressure, SEG’s growing popularity is the result of a changing landscape within today’s competitive retail and exhibition space. Budgets are smaller, setup times are tighter and attention spans are shorter. Marketers are demanding alternatives and digitally printed textile products like SEG fit the bill. The low-profile, high-fashion look and direct dye-sub process leaves a lasting impression that can be swapped out in seconds.

Travels Light

Unlike traditional vinyl displays, SEGs can be packed or unpacked in a matter of minutes. Its thin silicone strip is designed to pop in and out without the need for extra tools or labor. Best of all, its stretchable, high-resolution digital fabric is made to be lightweight and wrinkle-resistant so it can be folded, shelved or shipped with a minimum of fuss and funds.

Thinks Big

Even the largest graphics can be easily sent, changed out and stored. With SEG there are no cumbersome framing systems, no endless hours of assembly, no expensive overcharges for shipping. In just a matter of minutes, staff can insert the silicone strip, sewn directly to the edge of the graphic fabric, into the sturdy aluminum frame’s recessed groove and BOOM! Maximum wow. Maximum traffic.

Gets Attention

The perfect backdrop for an immersive shopping experience, it’s no surprise that a growing number of retailers and marketing execs are opting for fabric graphics to tell their brand story, using it in a variety of applications to help customers shop their stores by calling attention to new merchandise, seasonal events and promotions. The fabric’s flexibility and fluidity is ideal for giving new life and shape to every contour of a retailer’s space from its tabletops to its shop-n-shops.

Fits Any Style

Today, SEG prints and accompanying frames are available in virtually any size, shape or customized configuration. Pick from lit or non-lit, straight or curved, thin or thick, wall-mounted or freestanding, even color finishes and additional fixtures can be specified.

Goes The Distance

But, don’t think flexibility is the only thing that differentiates this phenomenal product from other rigid substrates. Dye-sub graphics are always known for their durability and long life thanks to the use of materials like vinyl, polyester and cotton that are not only inherently strong and resilient but, can stand up to multiple washings, clumsy crews and shipping hiccups.

Adds Up To Sheer Genius

Add it up and it’s easy to see why soft signage is such a smart investment. Installation is a snap. There’s no need for expensive labor. Graphics are designed to be reusable and interchangeable. They can easily be folded, rolled up or moved from one frame to another if there’s need to change the look or feel of a display. As for shipping and storage costs, not to worry. An SEG framed graphic weighs less than the hardware needed for a hard panel version plus it folds down to fit on any shelf.


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