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Feather Flags Make Promotion a Breeze

Looking for a modern, eye-catching way to advertise your business or event? It’s time to start looking up.

That is, up from the sidewalk signs and window graphics, which are great for catching people when they’re walking by. Up from the banners, which do their jobs once people are close to your location.

But feather flags in various shapes and heights, printed in bright colors and designs, moving in the air – now they will grab attention from a distance and draw people in. There are so many advantages to promoting with feather flags.

Great options

You can choose from three shapes – razor, sabre and teardrop – and a variety of sizes among those shapes, from 6’ up to 17’ feet tall. Now that’s a viewing advantage! Use the flags in a combination of shapes and in graduated sizes, or the same size and shape in a row for consistency and impact.

Printed with your design

You create the custom design for your flags, we print it! Color, pattern, typography – it all looks fantastic on feather flags. We’ve included a layout guide for creating your feather flag design, and there are easy instructions for uploading your design file on the feather flag page.

Light and easy

Feather flags are lightweight – the biggest bases weigh just a couple of pounds. They’re quick and easy to assemble and set up, and just as easy to take down and unassemble. All this makes them perfect for frequently moving from event to event. We even include a free soft carrying case with each flag and pole set to keep it safe and clean.

Durable materials

Your feather flags are printed using a dye sublimation process on high-performance, wrinkle-resistant material, meaning the ink is fused into the fabric. Your flag won’t fade and will stand up to the wear and tear of folding and packing. The poles are made from sturdy carbon composite and are flexible enough to allow your flags to wave but tough enough to withstand the elements and moving from the place to place.

Unique placement advantage

Feather flags can stand where many other signs can’t. The spike base allows you to “plant” your feather flags in the ground. The heavy-duty X base and water ballast base keep your flags secure on flat surfaces where space is at a premium. The scissors base lets you use your feather flags indoors.

Feather flags are great for promotions all year long. But with summer breezes right around the corner, now is a great time to design and order yours.


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