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Exciting New Features at Smartpress

You may have noticed some changes on our website over the past few months. In parallel with the launch of our new branding, the Smartpress website has been completely redesigned from the ground up, including the introduction of a number of significant user experience (UX) improvements.


Modern Design

Less than a year ago, our website was running on outdated templates and was riddled with generic graphics. Today, we’re happy to say those old graphics have been replaced with authentic imagery, clean typography, and thoughtful whitespace, representing the quality of our new Smartpress brand. The static templates, which were made for desktop browsers, are a thing of the past. The new website design is modern and fully supports viewing on mobile devices.



Featured Customer Work

Every day our customers create brilliant print at Smartpress. For years we’ve been wowed by these stunning print pieces. During the redesign, we began to curate and showcase our customers’ design work on Smartpress in an effort to celebrate and share their talent with the world. You can now see their work throughout the website with a designer credit next to each featured piece.



Improved Communication

At Smartpress, we’re not just another faceless online printer. We pride ourselves on the level of accessibility and expertise we are able to provide our customers. The website now offers a handful of new ways to start a conversation with us about your project.



Simplified Product Search

The redesigned website includes easier ways to browse our full product suite. We now have a full page dedicated to displaying our products, which also has a new quick search feature at the top. This new feature allows you to enter a keyword, effectively filtering the full product list to help you find what you’re looking for faster.



Streamlined Account Dashboard

We completely re-imagined your Smartpress account as part of a cohesive, and more easily navigable, dashboard interface. The orders and account settings pages are the first to be included in this new interface, and we have plans to continue adding more functionality to this section of the site with your needs in mind. Your orders page also includes clearer status visibility, making important messages always visible while you review your order history.



Instant Notifications

With our new notifications panel, you’ll never miss an important update. When you sign in to your account, you’ll be instantly notified of items that require your attention to keep your project moving forward and your deadlines on track.



Quick Product Comparison

Sometimes choosing the best product for your project can be confusing. We’ve tried to make that process a little easier. You can now compare similar products side by side, see all the differences at a glance, and make a more informed decision about which product is right for your project.


We hope that all of these new features help make your print buying experience on our website more informed, pleasant, simple, and efficient. We’re excited to constantly evolve Smartpress as the best possible print platform for your business. Stay tuned as we continue to add even more functionality in the near future.


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