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Employee Spotlight: Lottic Swopshire

Twenty-five years ago, Lottic Swopshire stepped onto a print production floor and into a career where she continues to learn and grow. Since 2014, she has been sharing her experience and expertise as a Bindery Operator at Smartpress.com.

“When I first walked into the shop, it was like a symphony. Everything on every machine had a rhythm.” She knew it was what she wanted to do for years to come.

Lottic Swopshire Smartpress

Her title may be Bindery Operator, but her many years of experience make Lottic a valuable asset. Lottic’s advanced skills and abilities were quickly recognized by her supervisors, leading them to ask more of her. She graciously responded, “Please, by all means!”

Lottic Swopshire Bindery OperatorLottic works with equipment that cuts, folds, and stitches, as well as the state-of-the-art laser motion cutter. She feels that her duties are not limited to the machines she works with, however. When colleagues ask for help, Lottic takes the time to make sure they understand whatever she’s showing them. She believes she isn’t doing her job if she doesn’t assist others. Her positive attitude spreads through her entire department. “If I smile, the person next to me smiles, and before you know it, everyone has a good day.”

Lottic’s enthusiasm and enjoyment go back to her very first position. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she moved to Minnesota in 1987 and began with no experience in 1989 at a Minneapolis-based company as a temporary employee.

Swopshire KidsLottic succeeds the old-fashioned way – through hard work and learning. “You learn something new every day. If you stop learning, it’s time to do something else.”

When not conducting the symphony of equipment on the shop floor, Lottic spends time with her husband Contrell Sr., daughter Amber Rose, son Contrell II, and dog Raine.


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