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Employee Spotlight: Katie Prantner Delivers Passion and Knowledge for Exceptional Sales Experiences

Sales Representative Katie Prantner is the jack-of-all-trades at Smartpress. She was first drawn to the company right after college graduation in 2011, after hearing a friend talk passionately about his career with Smartpress.

“I heard him talking about his job and thought, ‘Who do I know who has had a job for ten years and is still in love with it?’ I was definitely interested in Smartpress.”

Katie Prantner

Katie Prantner, Sales Representative

Shortly after applying, Katie began her career with Smartpress. She started out creating custom templates for the website, where customers could simply upload their information to a premade card and send it off to the printers. Later, the company discontinued this option and asked Katie where she wanted to go next. Sales interested her, but she felt as though she lacked knowledge of the print process to be the best fit for the job, yet. That feeling motivated her to spend time in the warehouse and get to know the company from the inside out.

Katie firmly believed that by spending time in the warehouse, she could learn the logistics of shipping, Smartpress.com’s leading industrial technology, and paper specifics. After six months, Katie was ready to share her new-found knowledge.

Once back in the office setting, Katie worked her way up to Sales Representative. She started out as a Production Set-Up Lead, where she edited files and set up jobs for the presses. Then she moved on to Customer Service Representative, where she discovered her love for helping customers.

“I really liked answering the phone. I loved communicating and talking with customers, showing them how the website worked, and helping them find a way to make their order work.”

A couple years later, Katie began working in her current role of Sales Representative. When asked what an average day looks like, she responded, “I don’t really have an average day! I do all of it. I can explain how everything works, but I focus on the customer and what they really need.”

Katie stays busy throughout the day, whether she is managing projects, making sure projects get to the press on time, answering customers’ questions, or helping with custom quotes. “I love my job because everything is unique. People come with a problem, and I help them solve it. I represent the customers; I know what they want and communicate that with our staff. I make sure they get what they want when they want it.”

Human interaction and the teamwork illustrated in every order are Katie’s favorite aspects of Smartpress.

“I love the fact that there is human interaction. You’re not just ordering something online and hoping it arrives how you want it. There’s someone you can talk to who walks you through everything.”

As for her co-workers, Katie feels completely at home. “I love the teamwork present in my job every day. When I do not have an answer, someone does. They question the how, the why, and always make the situation better. We are like one big family.”

When not handling print jobs, Katie keeps very busy at home with her five children.


Katie’s kids snorkeling off Key West


Katie is as busy as the bees she photographed at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum


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