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Employee Spotlight: Carly Goodlund, Customer Service Specialist

Carly Goodlund, one of two Smartpress Customer Service Specialists, answers whatever questions you may have, whether they come up before placing your order or after you have received your print job.

Graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2014 with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in art, Carly started at Smartpress in March 2015. Thanks to an internship with our parent company, The Bernard Group, in 2014, Carly knew immediately that she wanted to return to the company following graduation.

Carly Goodlund Smartpress“Through my internship, I saw a lot of the different worlds of this company. When I graduated, I knew I wanted to come back here because of the atmosphere. But, I thought I should try Smartpress because it was still part of the company, but was something new to me.”

So what exactly does Customer Service Specialist mean?

“There’s not really a job description,” explains Carly, “It is so versatile, and that’s what I like. I’m not doing the same thing over and over.”

Carly helps the customer. She can often be seen answering phone calls, responding to emails, processing reworks, giving feedback on file preparations, and helping customers choose the right Smartpress.com product for their needs. She is here to answer questions, at any stage in the ordering process, whether the questions come up before the order is placed, during the placing process, after placing, or in shipping and receiving process.

Carly Goodlund“What I love about my job is that every day is new. There is never a question I can’t find an answer to.”

When speaking to customers, Carly makes sure to put herself in their shoes. She helps show how to place an order and how to work on their files. She is very grateful for her background in graphic design, as it helps her answer questions correctly. If a customer is having issues with bleeds or software such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, she can walk them through the correct steps from placing an order to getting their file perfect for printing.

“We are here to help you, and I want to help you out. My #1 goal is to answer questions correctly and get you to want to order with us again. We want people to know that we answer the phones, and if we miss your call? We always check voicemails. This is what makes us unique.”

Carly’s favorite part about the job? Her coworkers and customers.

“I love my coworkers. I look forward to coming to work and seeing them. We have a very family-like relationship and everyone is so helpful. I also love my relationships with reoccurring customers. They care, ask about life, make me feel appreciated, and make me feel good about life.”

Carly Goodlund Customer Service

In her free time, Carly loves to be out in the great outdoors. Whether she’s roughing it out in tents or lounging around the cabin, she loves to explore the world around her. When seeking new thrills through traveling, she can be found photographing various national parks.

Always making sure she keeps her skills up-to-date, Carly can also be found designing for friends and family. Wedding suites are her favorite challenge, as she feels the possibilities for creation are endless. When not designing or exploring, Carly can be found hanging out with her 2-year-old nephew, William.

Ready to put Carly and other customer service representatives to the test? We promise you will be happy with their bright personalities and assistance they have to offer you. They can be reached Monday-Friday, 8 A.M.-5 P.M. CST. Get your printing project started with Smartpress today!


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