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Employee Spotlight: Ben Quaschnick

Our ongoing series to introduce you to the people behind Smartpress leads us to Production Optimization Manager Ben Quaschnick. Ben joined the Smartpress team in August 2013 with 15 years experience in the printing industry.

Ben Quaschnick in ProductionIn his role, Ben collaborates with all departments to make sure your order stays on schedule, and that everyone involved in the production of your order is on the same page. To accomplish this, he frequently communicates with the prepress, finishing, and shipping teams.

Determining the best options for your project perhaps best describes Ben’s role. Once you place your order, he reviews it to determine the most efficient means of producing your order. Ben takes all factors into consideration, including the equipment to be used, their capabilities and limitations, and anticipates any potential problems. He stays on top of your project and sees it through until final production. Ben truly is your “partner in print.”

Ben says he wears a lot of hats, so it’s fitting that many employees have come up with a few nicknames for him, such as the “Fixer,” the “Magician,” and “Optimus Bind.”

Ben Quaschnick at Smartpress.comThough Ben’s leadership has improved the overall process and efficiency, he is quick to credit others. “We have to make sure we are thinking orders through,” he said. “That’s not all on me. That’s a huge team effort out there to get everybody on the same page.”

From the small town of Port Edwards, Wisconsin, Ben’s printing career began soon after he graduated from high school and moved to Minnesota in 1998 to attend college. At age 19, he started as a part-time delivery driver for a Bloomington-based printing company, which turned into a full-time position as a bindery lead. According to Ben, this experience provided him with the knowledge he continues to apply daily at Smartpress.

Ben’s talents are not limited to the printing industry, however. He performs standup comedy at locations throughout the Midwest. When not finding solutions at Smartpress or making people laugh, Ben spends the rest of his free time with his wife Katherine and their three children, 4-year-old Lucas and soon to be 2-year-old twins, Bradley and Dylan.

Dylan and BradLucas


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