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Bring Smartpress Back to School with You

August is here, and you know what that means – back to school. Before you know it, you will have yellow buses outside your door. Stores are stocked up on notebooks, pencils, and backpacks. How can you show off your school spirit? Magnets, stickers, and posters are fun ways to represent your school, teams, and students.

Bring Smartpress.com Back to School with You

Car Magnets

An excellent way to display your school pride is with car magnets. Our magnets are the best you can get at affordable prices. Printed on .030 mil vinyl material (both strong and durable), they withstand the toughest conditions. The best part? They’re easy to remove and will not damage the vehicle’s paint, making them an ideal way to display your school colors.

Thanks to our digital die cutting process, your magnets can be cut into any shape you can think of: squares, ovals, circles, rectangles and more. You name it, we can do it! Additionally, there are no size restrictions, so the bumper is the limit.

Stickers, Decals and Window Clings

Show your school spirit by displaying your school’s logo or team mascot on a sticker on your bumper, car window, or your kids’ notebooks and folders. Our stickers, labels, decals, and clings can be printed on white or clear material and have options for permanent or removable adhesive. With a white ink base, your school’s colors will pop! You will proudly be a mobile billboard, showing your school spirit wherever you go.

Stickers Labels Decals

Direct Mail

With our direct mail services, we take the headaches out of direct mail and make it one of the easiest ways to promote your school. With postcards, letters, and brochures, you can reach out to every home in your school district to deliver your message, whether it’s about the next big game or a school fundraiser. For an even greater impression, remember to use our Variable Data Personalization services to customize every postcard or letter with the recipient’s name. This one little detail could go a long way.

Brochures are a great addition to the marketing campaign for your school because not only can they be mailed, but also great to leave at businesses around your neighborhood. Make sure to leave a stack at your local community center or busiest neighborhood restaurant.


Posters are great because you can post them nearly anywhere! Does your local coffee shop have a community board? What about that post on the corner covered with garage sale information? Choose from over eight different paper stocks; print custom sizes and quantities. To make your posters more durable, we offer laminating and UV coating services.

Calendars and Planners

Ever wish there was one big place that held all school-related events such as fundraisers, assignments, meetings, games, breaks, and days off? There can be! Gather all the major events and dates to remember, and organize them into one easy calendar or planner. With six different styles to choose from, we’re confident you will find something everyone will love. Parents and students will be quick to use them because they already have all of their events clearly marked.

Smartpress Calendar Printing

The best part about printing school-(or district-)wide calendars and planners? Pictures! Use pictures from various events from the previous year to create a fun, interactive calendar or planner that kids will be excited to look through all year long to see if they are in it!


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