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Beyond the Basics: Unique Brochure Folding Ideas

Brochures get the job done with being able to relay information in a basic, recognizable design.

Stand out from your competitors with unique folding options offered by Smartpress.

Smartpress offers digital laser cutting which allows for one-of-a-kind folding. Digital laser cutting takes your brochure concept and applies unique shapes and folds to make it eye-catching.

Unique folds get recipients involved in the process of discovering, learning, and remembering the information you are presenting as they open the piece. Different brochure shapes like square, round, triangle, and diamond can unfold into layers of information that guide potential customers through the “story” of the product or service you are promoting.

You can then take that folded brochure to the next level with digital laser cutting. You can add perforated pieces and stickers or labels inside while leaving the brochure intact, create creases for folding, and variable text cutting for personalizing your pieces.

Below are standard fold designs and ideas for adding digital laser cutting to make your brochure modern, unique and help your business stand out from the rest.


Roll folds

Roll folds have four or more panels that fold or “roll” in from the right side.

Idea: Perforate one or part of one of the panels to create a postcard that potential customers can tear off and mail in to get more information. Make one panel a removable piece customers can keep, like a bookmark, inspirational quote, or small calendar.

Gate Fold Brochure

Accordion Folds

Accordion folds are just what they sound like – several pages that fold in “z” shapes and unfold like an accordion.

Idea: Create a stand-up piece with a multi-page accordion-fold brochure with laser-cut designs in the folds that flow from page to page and highlight your information.

accordion fold brochure with die cut boxes



Tri-Folds have three pages, with the side panels folding inward over each other.

Idea: Make your tri-fold brochure square with the side panels cut at angles for an interesting open.


die cut brochure diagonal opening

Map Folds

Map folds open up into a larger piece.

Idea: Up your content by more folds in this shape so your brochure opens into a larger piece that can act as a map or poster customers can display.

brochure with french fold


Top Folds

With this one, the top folds over to create a horizontal or vertical piece.

Idea: Design a top-fold brochure that has the first page die cut into your company’s logo or brand message.

top down fold unique brochure


Custom Folds

You’ll also notice that we have a custom fold option in the folds menu. Fill out our custom quote page and a customer service representative will be in touch with you no later than one business day.

If you have any questions throughout the process, contact our customer service representatives, available Monday-Friday, 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. CST at 888.934.6909.  They will eagerly assist you with whatever you need to get your print job done.


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