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Take Note: Beyond the Basic Notepad for Specialized Projects

Basic notepads are great to have around the house to jot down that phone number you need to remember or random tasks that you have to complete. However, have you thought outside-of-the-box about what they can do for you and your company or organization? Read on for inspiration and ideas.

Smartpress’s notepad printing is one-of-a-kind and offers unique options. You can choose between three preset dimensions- 4.25” x 5.5”, 5.5” x 8.5”, and 8.5” x 11”– but also have the option for custom sizes to create a notepad perfect for your needs. Additionally, gluing can be done on the top or left side of the pad. Keep in mind that notepad printing has a five-business-day turnaround to allow for the glue’s drying time.

Coupon Books and Gift Certificates

Notepads are the perfect for coupon books or gift certificates. Simply choose to glue on the left side, and with our perforation option, you’ll have coupons and gift certificates ready to tear off and hand out to your loyal customers!


Design your notepad as a receipt that you can simply tear off and give to the customer. This personal touch will push you away from the corporate mindset and will impress customers as they feel more connected because they are receiving personal attention.


Whether it is customer satisfaction forms, quick-order forms, or any other forms you can think of, create notepads to make distribution much easier. The layout and basic questions are already laid out, so all you or your clients will have to do is fill in the information!

Patron Feedback Notepad Caitlin Kroeger

Designed by Caitlin Kroeger

To-Do and Shopping Lists

Need to get yourself organized? Create your own notepads to be sure to stay on track with your neverending to-do list. What works best for you? Design a checklist sure to increase your workflow. Want to add a calendar on the bottom to keep your days straight? How about printing your weekly tasks straight onto the pad so you are sure to get everything done?

You can also create specific notepads for your grocery or shopping list needs. Everything stays organized, and you don’t forget a thing!


What perfect way to advertise your business to potential (and current) customers than through notepads! Add your logo, slogan, and phone number to the design (either in the header, footer, or as a watermark), and every time they go to write down a note, they notice your business. This makes them the perfect marketing collateral to pass out at trade shows. Leave them at the front desk for customers to take with them as they leave, or mail them out as a promotional piece. You can treat them as a sort of “prize” for signing up for your email list, mailing list, or placing their first order.

Bridal To-Do Notepad Melissa Gant Soiree Linen

Designed by Melissa Gant, Soiree Linen

Employee Gifts

When you hire a new employee, or the holiday season is quickly approaching, give a notepad for your team to use all year to take notes in meetings, create lists of things to do, or brainstorm solutions to the toughest problems. Put your company values on the bottom of the pad or as a watermark as a reminder of what you are all working for and towards.

Finishing Options

With so many finishing options, Smartpress helps you make your notepads completely unique.

You have three drilling options through Smartpress.com – none, two-hole, or three-hole. How great would it be to drill a three-hole option into your 8.5” x 11” notepad to fit in a three-ring binder?

Variable Data Personalization is available for notepads as well! Whether its names, numbers, logos, dates, or anything between, we can add it to individual pages.

With Sequential Numbering, you can keep track of which page numbers of your notepad have been torn off.

Lastly, with our Perforation option, you can tear out any page of your notepad at whatever time you need to.

Did you ever think of using notepads in these ways? Let’s get you started on your own printing project! Have questions first? Feel free to contact our customer service representatives, available Monday-Friday, 8 A.M.-5 P.M. CST. They are happy to assist you in any way possible throughout the entire process.

Did we miss any stellar ideas? Let us know in the comments!


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