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Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: G7 Compliance & Color Consistency

I’m in charge of doing the first real print buy for my company. I read that GRACoL 7 compliance is something that I should look for in a printer, and I noticed that Smartpress is G7 compliant. What does that mean and what should I know about it?


GRACoL stands for General Requirements for Applications in Commercial offset Lithography, a comprehensive set of guidelines for planning and processing work for printers.  GRACoL 7, or G7™, is a defined, measured methodology for color management that provides optimal color consistency between a press sheet and a proof. Being G7 compliant enables Smartpress to consistently produce digital printing of the highest quality while keeping costs low by reducing prep times and waste.

G7 Gracol 7Put simply, G7 helps us to provide consistent color reproduction for designs across multiple processes and materials. G7 can ensure the closest visual match between printed images, regardless of how they are produced or upon which substrate they are printed.

For example, say you want to purchase marketing materials, packaging, and signage with the same brand imagery. The different substrate, gamut, and other print characteristics will vary for the different print products, leaving the potential for variations in color and saturation from your printed brochure to your product packaging to your hanging banner. This is undesirable, especially if you have well-defined brand colors.

But with G7 controlling the gray balance and neutral tonality of the design, the different print marketing materials will have a remarkably similar appearance to the human eye. That means the colors on your brochures and banners will be the closest possible match to the colors on your product packaging. And it’s not just restricted to those three print products, G7 compliance means that we can match colors across nearly any media you wish, including business cards, booklets, posters, and more.

Because similarity of the visual appearance across print products is critical, most print buyers make it a buying requirement that their digital printer is G7 compliant.

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