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Ask a Smartpress Expert: Address Labels?

Do you print address labels? 

– Advertising Addresser

Yes, we do. Though it’s not offered as an individual product, we do offer address printing on labels and stickers. You can have them printed as a sheet for easy peeling and sticking or cut individually to make it easy to send along with other pieces of mail. You can even have them kiss-cut into unique shapes to reflect your branding. They can be white, clear, or printed with the colors of your event theme or business branding.  Below outlines the best options for your piece:

Color printed address labels
• use any color for your logo, design or personalization
• A colorful envelope printed address label stands out from a plain envelope
• They can also add a great accent to kraft or metallic paper envelopes

White address labels
• use any color for your logo, design or personalization on white labels
• white labels stand out on colorful envelope stock as a design element
• they blend into white envelope stock to make the address and design look printed on the envelope itself

Clear address labels
• use clear labels when you’re sending mail in colorful or metallic finish envelopes so the color of the paper shows through
• print clear labels in full color with spot white to make your logo, design or personalization stand out
• clear labels can also be printed in white only

Die-cut address labels
• incorporate a shape into your address labels – perhaps the shape of your logo or a fun shape like a flower or heart that matches your personal style
• square, round, triangular, half circle and other more standard die-cut shapes are unique for address labels and become eye catching


custom-wedding-address-labelYou may want to pay close attention to what type of envelope to which your address labels will be affixed. Some envelopes, like our Ice Gold Metallic, have a surface that may not work as well for attaching stickers or labels. If this is the type of envelope you’re using, we recommend printing the address directly on the paper.

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