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3 Reasons to Hand Out Rigid Vinyl Business Cards

When people design business cards for their brand, a lot of attention is paid to the design and appearance. Clever business cards can get a lot of “double-takes.” If they’re really different, people who receive them will show them off for their novelty value.

There’s more to a business card than looks, though. Their function is to entice people into calling you when they need the types of services and products you offer. If your business card doesn’t stand up to the wear and tear it may be subjected to after you hand it off, it will not be around when the card’s recipient is ready to dial your number.

landscaping business cards Business cards printed on durable materials, like rigid vinyl, are more likely to stand the test of time. Rigid vinyl business cards are printed on a white matte PVC synthetic film stock. These durable business cards feel like a credit card and are just as thick. Rigid vinyl is a good alternative to pulp-paper stocks.

Rigid vinyl business cards are:

  1. Resilient – The ink will stand up to some of the roughest handling without fading.
  2. Tearproof – These business cards won’t wrinkle and are virtually impossible to tear or rip.
  3. Waterproof – The ink won’t smear and the impermeable card stock won’t fall apart when wet.
Business Card Comparison

These are corners of two different business cards. The card on the top was printed on a Premium Gloss and the one on the bottom was printed on the Rigid Vinyl. See how it is a lot thicker?

Though rigid vinyl business cards are a great fit for any brand, there are a few professions and industries for which they may be particularly well-suited. To start, anyone who works with water, such as plumbers, pool repairers and fish aquarium services, could benefit from rigid vinyl’s waterproof properties. People in the home construction, remodeling and landscaping sectors could keep rigid vinyl business cards in their pocket without worrying about them getting dirty or torn. If your products have a longer sales cycle, like auto sales, real estate or other big ticket items, a resilient rigid vinyl business card will still look like new after a few months of sitting around the house or office.

Rigid vinyl business cards can be ordered under Smartpress’s premium business card offering. You can print full color, black only, white ink only, or full color with white – on just one side or both sides. You can also choose rounded corners of varying degrees.

Looking for something else? Check out our other business card printing options and get a quote today.


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