Wedding Shower & Baby Shower Stationery for Fun & Games

by Abigail Geer | June 12, 2013

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You’re planning a wedding shower or baby shower for one of your best friends. You’ve looked at invitation printing and thank you cards, but what about the stationery and paper products you need for the actual event?

More and more people are looking into online printing services to help make their celebrations extra special. In addition to the traditional printed invitations and thank you cards, there are also a host of other stationery options for fun and games you may want to indulge in to make your shower completely unique to your event.

Read on to learn more baby shower and wedding stationery ideas.

Mad Libs

Notepad Printing Mad Lib for Baby ShowerIf you’re throwing a wedding or baby shower and you’re looking for a fun and entertaining game that is something a little less typical, then the classic children’s game turned adult activity “Mad Libs” should do just the trick. Plus, they make hilarious keepsakes for the couple or parents in question to reminisce over on anniversaries and birthdays.

You can make your mad libs as simple or as funny as you like depending on the crowd, so have fun with them! Check out some examples here.

Bride/Mom-To-Be Trivia

Sell Sheet Printing QuizWedding or baby trivia is the perfect game to play to get everyone in the mood for what’s to come. It’s especially great if it’s the first of your friends to walk the aisle or become a momma.

Use this trivia page from The Knot to get ideas for questions and to pull together all the necessary facts to make a legitimate trivia game. Print each question on cardstock and place the answers inside an envelope taped to the back of each card.

For game play, either form teams to answer questions, or award points to individuals who call out the correct answer first. The person with the most correct answers wins!


Bingo is a classic baby and wedding shower game for a reason! It is super simple to get to grips with and all you need to have a good time is some Bingo themed baby or wedding cards.

For a wedding themed Bingo try replacing the word BINGO with BRIDE along the top, and instead of numbers, list fun wedding facts related to the bride and groom-to-be, such as where they first met or when they got engaged.

For baby showers, you can use this game to engage the guests in the gift opening. Fill in the blank squares with the registry items, and have guests check them off as the mom-to-be opens each gift.

Invitation Printing Baby Bingo

Whoever gets a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal row first wins a prize!


Water Bottle Label PrintingThere are plenty of ways to have fun with custom online printing for your wedding or baby shower. Personalized stickers are a surefire way to inject some extra pizzazz into your party. Here are just some of the ways in which you can use stickers:

  • Personalized wine bottles
  • Personalized candy bars or chocolate
  • Personalized favors
  • Wedding and baby shower games

Some people choose to make their own wedding or baby shower stationery, but you can have all of these fun and games stationery options professionally printed and completely personalized, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your celebrations like food, drinks and decorations.

Even if you’re a dab hand at arts and crafts, professional printing can ensure your event stationery is sophisticated and elegant. Let us do the print portion of your online printing project and we can help relieve the pressure from you!

What games are you planning on playing at your upcoming wedding or baby shower? Let us know in the comments!

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