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Photography Inspiration – Zev Fiddle Oaks’ Imagination

Photography Inspiration – Zev Fiddle Oaks’ Imagination

Today’s graphic design and photography inspiration is unique, in subject and the artists who creates them.

U.S. photographer and digital graphic design artist Zev “Fiddle Oaks” uses his camera and Photoshop to show a reality very similar to ours, but with a slight twist: The people are just a few inches tall. Explore the following photo manipulations and take a journey through an amazing miniature world. Did we mention that this inspirational photographer and graphic design artist is just 14 years old? Amazing.

bless my sponge bath - zev fiddle oaks
fly - zev fiddle oaks
he was later - zev fiddle oaks
around the world - zev fiddle oaks
remi - zev fiddle oaks
build - zev fiddle oaks
jazzcat - zev fiddle oaks
on a string - zev fiddle oaks
summer tales - zev fiddle oaks
air - zev fiddle oaks
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