A Photographer’s “Life Through the Lens” [Infographic]

by Sean | May 17, 2011

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Over the past few months, we have interviewed a series of industry leading photographers on our blog. From their interviews, we have created an informative infographic entitled “Life Through the Lens,” featuring information about trends, equipment, and the photography process.

This guide is beneficial for all photographers no matter the skill level, whether you are a professional, amateur, or just starting out. Make sure to share this with your friends, co-workers, and fellow photographers. Like what you see? Check out “Graphic Designers’ Roadmap Infographic” and the “State of Graphic Design 2012 Infographic” for more helpful tips and tricks for your upcoming projects!

To view the infographic in its original size, click on the image below. Happy snapping!

A Photographer’s “Life Through the Lens” [Infographic]

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This infographic was made from information gathered through a variety of interviews with numerous photographers. The numbers may or may not reflect actual data from a larger sample group, as they are specific to the ones targeted for interviews. For more information, please refer to the interviews linked below.

The following links will direct you to the interviews used to create the infographic

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  • Great source for photographic information. I was really surprised at the amount of time photographers spend in Lightroom. But not surprised that Nikon is right at the top for photographers.

  • “But not surprised that Nikon is right at the top for photographers.”

    As is Canon – learn to read, idiot. Typical Nikon shooter.

  • Toby

    Only 5% of them shoot film? Not even thinking about using it sometimes, maybe just for experimenting? Thass lame 🙁

  • ty young

    Having been a commercial photographer for forty tears I am very familiar with film from 8×10 down to 35mm.
    The vast majority of it on transparencies. I love the visceral qualities of film, especially Kodachrome 25 (extinct). But as a pro you use the tools you need to get the job done and that now means digital. I made the switch in 2002 when I traded my Nikons for Canons and Mac and there’s no looking back. One advantage is cost- film, processing and prints were expensive. Another is the ability for instant pictures, we used to use Hasselblads with Polaroid (extinct) backs which was an additional expense. If I were doing fine art photography I would still be using film and making color separation or B&W prints like the old masters. I just love the film process that much. Loved the darkroom too, no phone, no computer, no interruptions, just me and my pictures in my little cave. “He’s in the darkroom and unavailable, can I take a message?”. It will be interesting to see if the values of digital photo’s ever reach the astounding prices some B&W prints now fetch.

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