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Photographer Spotlight – Matt Powell

Photographer Spotlight – Matt Powell

Today we would like to feature professional Photographer Matt Powell. Matt has defined himself as one of the leading photographers in his industry. Matt does a lot of brilliant humanitarian photography and he also has a rather nice portfolio of wedding photography –  some sample can be seen below. He has traveled all over the world and has captured some pretty amazing shots. Currently Matt works on staff with a Christian aid organization- a job which takes him all over the developing world with his camera. His travels have taken him to Haiti, Sudan, Gobi Desert, Mongolia, Indo, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Alaska where he shoots most of his humanitarian work. With all of his travels and busy schedule, Matt also runs the fabulous blog on his personal website where he posts inspiration and information for other creative do-gooders who are passionate about working for the on-going creation of good in this world. Recently we had the opportunity of interviewing Matt, and we asked him some questions about photography and the photography industry. We will be releasing our interview with Matt shortly so stay tuned for that! For now, check out a few samples of his work below, then head over to his personal website where you can view more of beautiful photography.

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