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Photographer Spotlight – Harry Kikstra

Photographer Spotlight – Harry Kikstra

Today we would like to feature the very talented and skilled photographer Harry Kikstra. Harry Kikstra is a climber, expedition leader, photographer, filmmaker, producer, writer, public speaker, cycler and many other things that have to do with sharing the beauty of the outdoors. His photography mainly focuses on nature and human culture. When I view Harry’s work I feel like I’m taking a trip to another country, or looking through a National Geographic magazine, great stuff! Normally living in Amsterdam, Harry travels all over the world and to the highest points where he takes breathtaking shots. His main focus is 7summits.com, his personal website about the highest peaks of the 7 continents. You can book trips, find information and much more. He also keeps up on his personal portfolio website and blog which you can visit at Exposedplanet.com. In addition to all of that, he recently just co-started a new and huge initiative to replace costly and dangerous kerosene lamps by solar-powered LED lams, see more on that at http://illuminationhq.com.

Below you will find a few samples of Harry’s work. Recently we had the opportunity to interview Harry and we asked him some questions about his love of photography. Stay tuned for that! Be sure to check out his personal website to view more of his work!

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