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Photographer Spotlight – Chris Marquardt

Photographer Spotlight – Chris Marquardt

Today we would like to feature talented photographer Chris Marquardt. Chris has been in the industry for quite some time now, and has several years experience under his belt. His photography work is captivating and each shot sends a strong message. Apart from his photography work, Chris does a lot of teaching. In 2005 he started “Tips From the Top Floor” – a podcast all about photography where his voice reaches thousands of aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts. In 2006 Chris started a series of workshops for the community that had formed around “Tips from the Top Floor”. These workshops give Chris the opportunity to cover new genres, from portraiture and street photography to landscape and architecture. This year, his workshops are centered around night and fire photography. :) Awesome stuff! Recently we had the opportunity of interviewing Chris and we asked him some questions about photography and the photography industry. We will be release the interview shortly so stay tuned for that! Check out a few samples of his photography below, then head over to http://chrismarquardt.com/ where you can view his full portfolio.

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