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ladies slipper Ellery Gutierrez - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Photorealistic Paintings

Much of the work we feature in our graphic design inspiration series is digital art created with the aid of a computer. This graphic design inspiration post is a little different, as it takes a look at an artist who's chosen medium is canvas and paint. Ellery Gutierrez lives and works in Caracas, … Read More

custom quote online printing button

Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Requesting a Custom Quote

How does the custom quote feature work? I want a custom die-cut business card, but I want to know what to expect. - Quizzical About Custom Quotes Excellent question, we get custom quote requests all the time, and it’s really easy to fill out, too. The Custom Quote feature can be accessed … Read More

alphabet art

Alphabet Soup: A Fun DIY Personalized Photography Gift

Finding the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions can often be challenging. While buying trendy gadgets or fashion is a common approach, making something totally original on your own is better. Our loved ones would always appreciate something more thoughtful, something … Read More

Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop

5 Helpful Tips for Using Adjustment Layer Options in Adobe Photoshop

What Are Adjustment Layers? Where Can I Find Them? Adjustment Layers are a way to adjust and improve an image without permanently changing the pixels. This is often referred to as non-destructive editing. Because it is non-destructive, you can restore the image back to its original by hiding or … Read More

my-selfie - feature

5 Tips for Taking the Best Selfies

I first discovered the word ‘selfie’ through Instagram. It is a popular tag people use for the quick snapshots of themselves. Amazing how technology of combining a phone and a camera not only change people’s social behavior, but also created a new word in the English language. In November 2013, the … Read More

unbranded hanging banner feature

5 Reasons to Replace Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are among the most effective onsite marketing tools for any type of business. They draw attention to your shop front or stall, send out a clear and actionable sales message, and turn passers by into potential customers. For your hanging banner to have maximum impact, it needs to look … Read More

branded playing cards - feature

Print Branded Playing Cards as a Giveaway

If you’re looking for a fresh, interesting, and fun way to get your brand out there, why not print your own branded playing cards? Everyone loves playing cards, making them the perfect giveaway gift for current or potential clients and customers. With Smartpress.com's collated printing option you … Read More

steampunk_star_wars_han_solo - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Steampunk Star Wars

Some of the best graphic designs can be born from things that are entirely unrelated to each other. The talent and effort that it takes to combine such elements successfully is considerable. Today's graphic design inspiration combines the two seemingly unrelated topics of Star Wars and steam … Read More

show-personality-save-the-date - feature

Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Magnet Printing

I’ve had a lot of requests from brides lately for magnet save the dates and other magnet wedding pieces. They have different ideas of what kind of magnet they want, though. Some are fine with the usual magnets that are available under the save the date category, but others were expecting a thicker … Read More

professional wedding photography - feature

When to Hire a Professional Photographer

My article on how to pose couples for wedding portraits has been generating heated online discussion, among groups of professional wedding photographers. The discussion centered around the fact that brides and grooms don’t realize the importance of hiring a professional photographer on their wedding … Read More

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