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Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Dimensional Weight Shipping

I want to order a set of gallery wrapped canvas prints from you. I’ve never really ordered something that big from you before; both of the pieces will be 40” by 60”. When I go to enter my order specs, I see this warning displayed in the shipping area: “Products larger than 30” x 40" which ship flat … Read More

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Lighting Hacks for Great Photos in Dark Places

A couple of weeks ago, when I was teaching a portrait photography class at a local university, one of my students asked me to “rescue” a photo she had taken of her grandchild in a theater.  Apparently it was after a show and the overall environment was very dark. The little girl’s face was … Read More

Sports Logo Banner Example

Use the Warp Tool to Create the Perfect Team Logo Text

The weather is warming up, which means spring and summer sports will be in full swing very soon! There is plenty of time to create and print posters, hanging banners, and other online printing collateral for your favorite team, but it is good idea to start designing now! Logo Tips I find it … Read More

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Wedding Invitation Design & Printing Trends for 2014

Wedding invitations are a chance to give guests a sneak peek at what's to come, as well as express the couple's personal style. Many soon-to-be brides want to know what other couples are doing with their wedding invitations. Being in the know about what's hot and what's not will help keep your … Read More

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The Incredible, Versatile Card

We offer a huge variety of online printing options at Smartpress.com, but there’s one that is particularly useful and flexible. That option is our card printing offering. Many of the offerings listed on our site have a predetermined use, such as wedding invitations, greeting cards, brochures, … Read More

Valerie Glassman Bull City Studio

Customer Spotlight: Valerie Glassman, Bull City Studio

About Bull City Studio Bull City Studio started as a glimmer in Valerie Glassman’s eye the moment her husband proposed to her. Immediately she started planning every detail, with a particular eye for the wedding stationery. After all, those save-the-dates and wedding invitations would be the very … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Word Spirit Animals

Words have power. When strung together, they can convince and convert. They can also stand on their own as individual concepts. Today's graphic design inspiration post centers on the power of imagery and words. Andreas Preis is a designer, as well as an illustrator, who currently shares his time … Read More

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Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Custom Sizes & Dimensions

I’ve placed a few orders with you and I love the printing options that you have. I’ve printed some standard sized wedding invitations and save the date cards, but I’d like to try some custom shapes and sizes. Is there a way I can do this without having to fill out a custom quote all the time? - … Read More

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Simple Steps to Fix Exposure Problems in Photoshop

Exposure problems are very common issues for photographs. Over-exposure tends to wash out the highlights in a photograph, while under-exposure conceals details of the shadow areas, ruining an otherwise nice photograph. In this photography resource post, I'll discuss how to fix exposure problems in … Read More

Adobe InDesign

How to Use Old Style Figures in Adobe InDesign

There are two types basic types of numerals. Tabular and Old Style numerals are quite different and some serif font typefaces offer both choices. These options are typically available in Open Type serif fonts (some sans serif fonts may offer Old Style numerals, but it is not as common). Old Style … Read More

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