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fixing photo exposure - feature

Simple Steps to Fix Exposure Problems in Photoshop

Exposure problems are very common issues for photographs. Over-exposure tends to wash out the highlights in a photograph, while under-exposure conceals details of the shadow areas, ruining an otherwise nice photograph. In this photography resource post, I'll discuss how to fix exposure problems in … Read More

Adobe InDesign

How to Use Old Style Figures in Adobe InDesign

There are two types basic types of numerals. Tabular and Old Style numerals are quite different and some serif font typefaces offer both choices. These options are typically available in Open Type serif fonts (some sans serif fonts may offer Old Style numerals, but it is not as common). Old Style … Read More

brochure-print-design-for-mailing - feature

Designing Brochures & Booklets for Successful Direct Mail

If you’re creating promotional materials that will be sent through the mail, you need to consider how they are going to be packaged and addressed to ensure that the postal process runs smoothly - and that your design looks attractive, too. Mailing pieces are required to have specified spaces free … Read More

pocket folder printing - feature

Print Pocket Folders at Smartpress.com

Smartpress.com now offers custom pocket folder printing. This new addition to our digital printing services comes in response to popular demand by our customers. Once you have all the materials printed for your press kit, marketing packet or other multi-faceted small format printing project, … Read More

certificate-of-authenticity-blue - feature

Print Certificates of Authenticity for Art Pieces

Certificates of authenticity are a great way to add value to your artwork and give buyers confidence in their purchase. Not only does a certificate prove the authenticity of the work, it also allows you to give more information to the buyer about the title, inspiration, materials, and context of the … Read More

ladies slipper Ellery Gutierrez - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Photorealistic Paintings

Much of the work we feature in our graphic design inspiration series is digital art created with the aid of a computer. This graphic design inspiration post is a little different, as it takes a look at an artist who's chosen medium is canvas and paint. Ellery Gutierrez lives and works in Caracas, … Read More

custom quote online printing button

Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Requesting a Custom Quote

How does the custom quote feature work? I want a custom die-cut business card, but I want to know what to expect. - Quizzical About Custom Quotes Excellent question, we get custom quote requests all the time, and it’s really easy to fill out, too. The Custom Quote feature can be accessed … Read More

alphabet art

Alphabet Soup: A Fun DIY Personalized Photography Gift

Finding the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions can often be challenging. While buying trendy gadgets or fashion is a common approach, making something totally original on your own is better. Our loved ones would always appreciate something more thoughtful, something … Read More

Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop

5 Helpful Tips for Using Adjustment Layer Options in Adobe Photoshop

What Are Adjustment Layers? Where Can I Find Them? Adjustment Layers are a way to adjust and improve an image without permanently changing the pixels. This is often referred to as non-destructive editing. Because it is non-destructive, you can restore the image back to its original by hiding or … Read More

my-selfie - feature

5 Tips for Taking the Best Selfies

I first discovered the word ‘selfie’ through Instagram. It is a popular tag people use for the quick snapshots of themselves. Amazing how technology of combining a phone and a camera not only change people’s social behavior, but also created a new word in the English language. In November 2013, the … Read More

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