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macro snowflake collage - feature

Snap Macro Photographs of Snow Flakes Without a Macro Lens

We’ve had so much snow this winter, and a few weeks ago I thought it might be the last snowfall - then it snowed again on a not so cold March day. All of a sudden I had the desire to take some photos of snowflakes, knowing this might be my last chance before the spring thaw arrives. I had never … Read More


Create a Table of Contents with Adobe InDesign

Table of Contents Location and Details A table of contents, also known as a TOC, typically appears at the beginning of a document and is a list of page numbers associated with the beginning of main sections of the document. Typically this document is long, the TOC helps the reader find what they … Read More

raw vs jpeg photography - FEATURE

Raw vs. JPG: Pros, Cons of Each and When to Use Which

Digital cameras can shoot both RAW and JPG formats, some point-and-shoot cameras can do the same. Which format is better and when to use which format has been an ongoing debate in the photo community. Technical information on Raw and JPG formats are widely available online, yet many photo … Read More

birthday-map-card-printing - feature

3 Reasons to Print Map Card Inserts for Invitations

Whether you’re hosting a large wedding, a big birthday celebration, or a surprise golden wedding anniversary dinner, the last thing you want is for your guests to get lost on the way to the venue. Traditionally invitations have consisted of three parts: The invitation, the RSVP and the envelope. … Read More

paris limited edition art print - feature

How to Print Limited Edition Art & Art Series

People love a beautiful, unique and original work of art. The only problem with an original, though, is there can be only one. There is just one of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, one The Scream by Edvard Munch and Johannes Vermeer only painted one Girl with a Pearl Earring. I’m sure you’ve seen all of … Read More

Ysabel LeMay nest - feature

Photography Inspiration – Floral Photo Fusion

Today's photography inspiration is a spectacular kind of photo manipulation. At first glance, the works of Quebec-born, U.S-based  Ysabel LeMay look like hyper-realistic paintings, but they're actually created from photographs. Ysaebl uses a technique called photo fusion, where she takes hundreds of … Read More

oversized package - feature

Ask a Smartpress.com Expert: Dimensional Weight Shipping

I want to order a set of gallery wrapped canvas prints from you. I’ve never really ordered something that big from you before; both of the pieces will be 40” by 60”. When I go to enter my order specs, I see this warning displayed in the shipping area: “Products larger than 30” x 40" which ship flat … Read More

lighting hacks tools - feature

Lighting Hacks for Great Photos in Dark Places

A couple of weeks ago, when I was teaching a portrait photography class at a local university, one of my students asked me to “rescue” a photo she had taken of her grandchild in a theater.  Apparently it was after a show and the overall environment was very dark. The little girl’s face was … Read More

Sports Logo Banner Example

Use the Warp Tool to Create the Perfect Team Logo Text

The weather is warming up, which means spring and summer sports will be in full swing very soon! There is plenty of time to create and print posters, hanging banners, and other online printing collateral for your favorite team, but it is good idea to start designing now! Logo Tips I find it … Read More

sophisticated-florals-wedding-invitation - feature

Wedding Invitation Design & Printing Trends for 2014

Wedding invitations are a chance to give guests a sneak peek at what's to come, as well as express the couple's personal style. Many soon-to-be brides want to know what other couples are doing with their wedding invitations. Being in the know about what's hot and what's not will help keep your … Read More

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