Interview – Jerod Gibson of 37 Posters

Interview – Jerod Gibson of 37 Posters

Not long ago we had the opportunity to chat with Jerod Gibson of 37 Posters, and we asked him some questions about graphic design. Jerod is an extremely talented graphic designer and he has done some work with some really big name clients. His ever growing poster series is a wonderful tribute to many famous movies and cult classics including The Goones, Star Wars, Clerks and many others. Below is the interview we conducted with Jerod, as well as some of his work. When you’re finished with the interview, head over to his portfolio and store to more of his awesome design work. Keep up the great work Jerod! As a side note, Jerod recently became a father with the birth of his daughter, congrats to you Jerod! :)

Age: 31

Portfolio: Store:

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview, why don’t you start off by telling us a little about yourself.

I’m a creative director and freelance designer based in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve workedand collaborated with a large range of clients which include Urban Outfitters, Threadless, Cartoon Network, Dirty Disco Kidz, F. Stokes, Alice, General Mills, and BIC. For my personal life, I love spending time with the wife and baby girl, as well as traveling.

Many people believe that you have to know how to draw to be a graphic designer; do you believe that is true?

No, but it certainly can be an advantage if there is an idea you would like to execute that involves it. Design is such an eclectic field, that no matter where you feel you may be limited in ability, there is always another solution.

What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

I loved drawing as a kid. In elementary school, I realized my grades were better on art projects as opposed to math. I also loved playing with anything technology based. So design seemed to be a nice meld of my two favorite hobbies and soon became a passion.

What do you like best about being a graphic designer?

I love creating. It gives a good feeling of relaxation and accomplishment (at least on personal projects). If I design something that people like and makes them happy, that makes me feel good and inspires me to keep designing.

Out of all of your posters, which is your favorite? (My favorite is The Goonies poster, nicely done!)

I do like the Goonie’s one too. Possibly the Clerks one. I was really happy with the outcome of that one.

What suggestions or tips can you give someone who is aspiring to become a graphic designer?

Stay on top of trends. Design moves fast like technology and can quickly get dated. If you have a style that works, go with it. If you like trying all kinds of styles, go with it. It may take a few months or it may take years to figure out your design niche, but no matter what, just have fun with it and make sure to have a stellar portfolio.

Before you begin working on a new design, where do you draw your inspiration?

My wife, my childhood, and music. I pull a lot of inspiration from memory. Anything from shows I watched like Pinwheel to Atari art to places I’ve gone. It’s a great way to make your work feel more personal. Also having good background tunes like Thievery Corporation, Samantha James or Yeasayer helps. Even basic conversation and joking with friends can spark a good idea too.

When you are in the process of creating a new design, is there something you do that saves you time?

I do some research first, and then head to the computer. I love to get my ideas together before I stare at a blank canvas.

In your daily process of being a designer, what are a few websites that you frequent?

Too many. Let’s see graphicexchange, behance, iso50 blog, society6, flickr, cargo, list goes on……

Who is the coolest designer/web guru that you’ve met so far?

I’ve met a few famous designers, which felt cool, but at the same time, they seemed cool in their own mind. Too many popular designers/ artists I’ve seen have this stigma about them. Everybody shits; you don’t have to act like you don’t. I like letting people in and talking instead of putting a wall between myself and my designs. BUT there are also a lot of popular designers that are open books and have style but are also down to earth. I’ve emailed Justin Van Genderen, Simon Page, and Justin Wills and they all seem like nice cats.

When not staring at a computer, what do you like to do for fun?

I love to spend time with my wife and baby girl, travel, listen to live music, paint, shop, eat, crap, drink, etc. I try to enjoy everything that life throws my way, both positive and negative.

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