Homemade Invitations vs. Professional Invitation Printing

by Abigail Geer | August 9, 2013

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Whatever the event, invitations are an absolute must. Whether you’re trying the knot, celebrating your child’s first birthday, or throwing a congratulations party for your eldest daughter’s graduation, you’re going to need invitations.

Deciding between homemade invites and professionally printed invitations can be difficult, as both have their plus points. If you’re artistically gifted and enjoy getting crafty then homemade invites might be a shoe in, but if you’re not particularly confident in your ability to produce beautiful invitations that you’ll be proud to pop in the post then DIY invites are likely not an option.

homemade wedding invitationHomemade Invitations

Homemade invitations can add a unique and tactful touch to your event and are a great way to showcase your artistic skills. With that being said, here are some important aspects to consider before reaching for your card and scissors.

Why Homemade Invitations May Not be Suitable for Your Event

  • Time consuming – Making all of your own invites by hand can be a very time consuming process and whilst it can be rewarding, if you are busy planning and preparing all the other elements of your event it’s going to be difficult to fit it all in.
  • Your guest list is too big – Depending on the size of your event, homemade wedding invitations may be an impossible feat. A small gathering with only a handful of people is one thing, but a wedding with a guest list of 100 is a whole other ball game.
  • You don’t have the skills – If you haven’t already got a passion for homemade crafting then buying all the necessary equipment could rack up quite a bill. Couple that with the fact that the last thing you ever tried to make might have been in elementary school, and you’re heading for disaster!
  • Your equipment isn’t made for it – Even if you do have the computer, the printer and the creativity, making homemade invitations can be frustrating.  If the sheet isn’t get pulled into the printer perfectly, you’ll waste extra sheets, and you’ll have to buy more.  If you have a lot of invitations, you could go through ink quite quickly.

professional invitation printingDigitally Printed Invitations

Obviously here at Smartpress.com we love print, which means we have a soft spot for digital invitation printing. Don’t get us wrong, homemade invitations can be spectacular, but for those of you lacking in the artistic department or those of you with too many other things on your plate, digital invitation printing is the way to go.

Don’t skimp on your invites because they set the tone of your entire event and let your guests know what’s to come. If you want to ensure the quality of your event is top notch then the aesthetic benefits of digitally printed invites are sure to impress. Professionally printed invitations are guaranteed to turn out gorgeous which is why they are well worth the investment.

The best thing about invitation printing is all you have to do is provide us with the details and we’ll take care of the rest. Event planning is hectic enough as it is, so don’t make your life anymore difficult than it needs to be.

Just because you’re going digital doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck with white. With our new options of white ink printing on kraft, apple red, navy blue and coco brown paper, you can get super creative with your invitation printing and elevate your event to the next level. White ink printing on colored paper is one thing that can’t really be accomplished with homemade invites.

Another great aspect of digital printing is the option to include matching envelope designs and matching envelope paper. Envelope printing is not often considered, but it adds the perfect finishing touch to your invites.

At the end of the day, homemade invitations might seem like a cost cutting measure, but the time and effort put into it might be better spent on other preparations for the big event. Many other people have made their own invites in the past and wished that they would have just left it to the professionals. Learn from their experience and have your invitations professionally printed instead.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our raving customer reviews and you’ll be sold in no time.

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