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Floor Graphics: Enhancing the World Underfoot

by Smartpress | January 28, 2016

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Do you have everything covered when it comes to your store’s signage and promotion? If you’ve stopped at walls, windows, posters, and banners, then you’ve missed an important opportunity to entice customers.

What are you missing? The floor! Well-designed, well-placed floor graphics are great marketing tools that can work for your business in many ways. Need ideas? Here are a few to help you get thinking.

Welcome Customers
A big, colorful, branded floor graphic placed right where customers enter your location will make them feel welcome and get them into the mindset of your brand. It has the ability to put whatever message you want into shoppers’ minds. This could be a seasonal greeting, a sale announcement, part of your brand messaging or a teaser like, “Ask us how you can save 50% this season!”


Directing Shoppers
Use floor graphics to direct your customers to the products you’d like them to see. Use bold, coordinating colors and consistent messaging that leads shoppers from one area to another. This is a great situation to use die-cut graphics like arrows.

Seasonal Messaging
Because of their temporary nature (they are cleanly removable for up to six months after application), floor graphics are perfect for changing with the seasons. Use elements from your other seasonal promotions, like die-cut leaves, snowflakes or flowers, and duplicate them in large form for the floor. Floor graphics can also contain messages to promote events, new products, and season-long sales.


Awkward Spaces
If your store has an awkward entrance or a long, narrow hallway, fill the space with a floor graphic. A floor graphic in a less-than-ideal entrance can help direct customers to the right place. A long design, message, or even something fun like a hopscotch game, will delight customers in what would be otherwise wasted hallway space.

Optical Illusions
You’ve seen photos of street art that’s on a flat surface but adds extreme depth, like a deep hole in the ground or a real snake in front of you. Print floor graphics with similar art to create optical illusions throughout your store – and don’t forget places like elevators, stairs and restrooms! Your location will engage customers, and they’ll definitely encourage everyone they know to visit you.

Worried about wear and tear? Don’t be! Our floor graphics have a removable adhesive that bonds to tile, sealed concrete and other non-porous flooring. The white or clear material is scratch and slip resistant, and has a little-added texture.

Get down to business with creative floor graphics!

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