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Dress Up Envelopes with Custom Label Printing

by Smartpress | April 20, 2016

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Don’t stop at the invitation when you need to get an event noticed.

When it comes to getting people to a big event – a university’s annual gala, a key fundraiser for a non-profit organization, a hot new artist’s show opening at a hip gallery – you know that the invitation you create has to impress.

gallery-event-wrap-around-labelUnfortunately, sometimes the creativity stops with the invitation design and there’s no thought given to how it’s delivered. You certainly don’t want an invitation this important to get overlooked in the mail. So how can you make it stand out?

Focus on dressing up those envelopes. They’re the very first impression people will have of the entire event, so make it a good one. A great way to capture attention is with custom label printing from Smartpress.com.

You can design labels in custom sizes and die-cut into unique shapes to match the event theme. And because the labels are digitally printed, they can be as colorful as you want them to be to coordinate with the style and palette of the invitation inside.

Print custom labels to use as return address labels, decorative stickers for “sealing” the envelopes, to send a message like “you’re invited” that will get people to open the invitation, or to show a logo for branding purposes.

Custom labels can be printed to accomplish several of these tasks in one, like we show in our long, large label examples. The floral label wraps around the envelope, acting as both return address, design element and initial “invitation.” The other label is red for the “Red Ribbon Gala” concept and die-cut at the ends to mimic a ribbon. The “RR” logo drives the branding home.

When will you be in charge of designing the next event invitation? Keep this post in mind, and bring that creative design all the way to the outside of the envelope with custom label printing.Dress Up Envelopes with Custom Label Printing

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