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Direct Mail Marketing: Consumers Preferred Marketing Method

by Sara Duane | April 6, 2013

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Online marketing has changed the way in which we communicate with our customers. So much so, that sometimes the idea of direct mail marketing can seem like a futile endeavor. But even if marketers may feel it is a bit old fashioned or too costly to get a return on their investment, surveys have shown that customers prefer receiving marketing messages in their mailbox, as opposed to their inbox.

Custom Magnets

In a survey of U.S. and Canadian consumers, called The Formula for Success: Preference and Trust from Epsilon, consumers were asked to pick their favorite of five marketing methods: direct mail, a newspaper ad, email, online ad or SMS text. The results show that direct mail marketing was preferred by most consumers. Afraid of the stigma of junk mail? Take into account that more than 60% of respondents said they enjoy receiving postal mail, while 75% of U.S. respondents said they get many emails that they just never open.

Direct mail marketing can be a great method for growing your business. Sending out marketing postcards, flyers, booklets, custom magnets, and other marketing pieces through the mail directly to consumers can expand your client base, increase awareness of your brand, and remind existing customers that you’re available and ready to help.

Show Customers They’re Valued

For established customers, a piece of direct mail can make them feel important and remembered. If it’s been awhile since you’ve groomed a client’s dog, why not send them a reminder card to help put you back in the forefront of their minds? Coupons are a valuable print marketing tool that will help coax people toward making new purchases. Who can refuse an exclusive offer that saves them money!

If you’ve introduced a new item or service to your repertoire, share the news with your customers! Additions and changes are exciting times for a business, so why not let your clients in on the fun? Who knows, a flyer may come at just the moment they were wondering who could rotate their tires or where they could find hand painted drinking glasses. Your direct mail can inspire clients to take action.

Postcard Printing

Merry Occasions

If you offer a product or service that’s in demand around the holidays, consider sending out a catalog, coupon, or advertisement to your target audience just as the shopping season begins. Time it right, and you could see a massive influx of new business!

A postcard with a coupon for 20% off a photo session, mailed out a few months before June, will put you on potential customers’ radar for senior portraits. Mailing a brochure of the baked goods you sell or a sample of your customized car decals could spark a great gift idea. Holidays and special events happen year round, so utilize the calendar to your advantage.

Welcome Home

The housing market is improving and that can mean new customers. Notice a bunch of “SOLD” signs in a neighborhood? Spotted reports of more real estate sales and fewer empty houses? Often, when someone is new to an area, the first company to offer services, such as oil changes, landscaping, or painting, will gain their business. They’ll also want to know where the best local restaurants are. This gives you a chance to prove your worth from the very beginning, and establish lifelong customers.

Sending out well designed custom magnets with your contact information and offerings can attract new residents your way. Custom magnets, as opposed to flyers, automatically have a home on the fridge, so they won’t get lost in the moving-and-unpacking shuffle. Mailing a menu with delivery and driving directions could be a great gift to a family who’s kitchen is still packed away in boxes.

Brochure Printing

With direct mail, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. With the same intuition and smarts that you use to grow your business, you can increase your customer base and enjoy a return on your simple investment. Send everything from magnets and brochures to letters and leaflets, with direct mail you’ll be directing clients straight to you!

Want to create great direct mail marketing pieces? Take a look at our postcard printing and brochure printing services.

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