Daily Inspiration 398 – Melt Portrait of an Iceberg

Daily Inspiration 398 – Melt Portrait of an Iceberg

Every day we’ll be uploading content on our blog that we feel is inspirational. If you’re stuck and in a rut on a particular project and you are looking for a way out, look through our daily inspiration and see if anything strikes your interest. Maybe you will find a certain image or a particular element that will bring your next project to life. We love all forms of art – from digital art, photography, street art, web design, sculptures and paintings. If we think it’s cool, we’ll share it with you.

Our inspiration for today comes to us from New York based photographer Simon Harsent. Simon specializes in landscape and portrait photography and has received a number of awards for his work. Below is a section of images from his book Melt Portrait of an Iceberg, which was his first monograph published in 2009.

For more information on Simon or to view more of his work head over to his personal portfolio, get inspired!




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