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Custom Banners for Indoor Events

Custom banners are the perfect way to advertise a special event. Whether you want to grab the public’s attention, provide a striking promotional background, or effectively convey your company message, a custom banner will certainly do the trick.

Where to use custom banners for indoor events:

  • Landmark birthdays or anniversaries
  • Parties and celebratory functions
  • Announcing sales or promotions
  • Charity and fundraising events
  • Announcing sales or promotions
  • Concerts and entertainment
  • Grand store openings
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Conventions

So what are your options when it comes to the types of banner printing available for you to choose from for your indoor event?

Hanging Banners

If you really want to draw the crowds, a hanging banner is the way to go! This attention grabbing marketing tool delivers your brand and message in the most powerful way possible. If you want to drive traffic and ensure you get heard, a custom hanging banner is one of the most elegant statements you can make. Thanks to the range of various hanging banner printing and construction options available, including stitched hem, pocket, and grommet, hanging banners can be placed anywhere that has adequate space.


  • Eye catching
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Effective way to promote any type of event

Check out our hanging banner printing

hanging banner printing

Photo by HowardLake

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are the most portable banners available, making them ideal for high volume usage. From marking off a specified area to drawing attention to your particular booth, retractable banners allow for a variety of placement options. With the help of supported feet, a durable lightweight aluminum frame, and a soft-sided carrying case, retractable banners can be quickly set up by one person allowing them to be used pretty much anywhere – indoor or outdoor!


  • Fast set up and take down time
  • Easy to transport
  • Well protected during transit and storage

Get an instant quote on retractable banners now. Prices start from as little as $148.13 for the banner, stand and assembly combo.

Retractable banner printing

Photo by Donnay

Step and Repeat Banners

When it comes to setting the stage for an indoor event that will feature a public speaker or photo opportunity, a step and repeat banner can make a world of difference. What makes step and repeat banners unique is the repeated printing of the company logo. This repetition ensures your logo will be seen in every photo taken making for incredible publicity. Whatever media event you are attending, (or hosting for that matter) step and repeat banners are the ideal background solution.


  • Clear communication of brand identity
  • Covers a large area
  • Perfect for photo opportunities
  • Creates ambient backdrop

Learn more about all your options for step and repeat banners. Prices start from as little as $51.37

step and repeat banner printing

Photo by bdearth

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