Best Travel Destination Wedding Photos

Photography Inspiration – Best Travel Destination Wedding Photos

In 2015, JuneBug Weddings held a destination wedding photography contest. More than 4,000 photographers from 40 different countries submitted to the Best of the Best Destination Photography Contest. In today's photography inspiration post, take a look at a handful of the top photos, as chosen by … Read More

Groundhog Day Photo

Photography Inspiration – Groundhog Day

Today is the traditional day when according to legend, a groundhog is supposed to predict our weather future. The world-famous Punxsutawney Phil in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, didn't see his shadow, meaning spring is right around the corner! … Read More


Photography Inspiration – Jaewoon U’s Reflective Landscapes

Landscape photography is harder than it looks. It takes the right location. It takes the right time, which means it also requires diligence and patience. Finally, it takes the right talent. Seoul-based landscape photographer Jaewoon U has made use of all of these qualities. In this photography … Read More

lego jedi riding a tauntaun - feature

Photography Inspiration – Star Wars Scenes with Legos

Star Wars mania has gripped the Western world, since even before the most recent movie in the franchise hit theaters. We've been a bit crazy about The Force ourselves here at, so if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter (hint, hint!), this post shouldn't come as a surprise at … Read More

new year gold glitter - feature

Holiday Inspiration – New Year’s Eve

Tonight's the night where people will be counting down to a new year and a new opportunity to improve ourselves. You probably won't be paying much attention to what we have to say, as you're getting ready for your party preparations. So here's just some fun design and photo inspiration to get you in … Read More

Bitch Please - Emoji IRL LOL - feature

Photography Inspiration – EMOJI IRL.LOL

Many people have fallen in love with emojis. They accompany text messages, Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, and have even been making their way into email subject lines. Today's photography inspiration post is a celebration of emojis and brings them to life. Los Angeles-based graphic designer … Read More


Photography Inspiration – Truth Behind Instagram Photos

The addition of cameras to smartphones and their virtual ubiquity means that everyone can be a photographer these days, in their own way. Everyday, thousands of people upload their photographic masterpieces to online places such as Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and more. Each photo has been carefully … Read More


Photography Inspiration – Greetings from Mars

Some of our recent photography inspiration posts have merged two different times in Detroit and turned a spot of ocean into an alien world. This week's photography inspiration post takes you to a whole other planet. Paris-based author-photographer Julien Mauve created this "Greetings from Mars" … Read More

Elisha Minnette - Newborn puppy photo shoot - feature

Photography Inspiration – Puppy Newborn Photoshoot

Many young couples often hear – and sometimes grow tired of – the question “So, when are you having kids?” In this photography inspiration post, Matt Kay and Abby Lee found a hilarious way to deflect the issue, have some fun and capture some extremely adorable images. Along with photographer … Read More

Benjamin Von Wong - Underwater Fisherman - feature

Photography Inspiration – Underwater Worlds

Based in Montreal, Canada, Benjamin Von Wong has become notorious for his epic photography. He fuses photography, special effects and innovative ideas to create eye-catching, hyper-realistic art with a touch of the fantastic. His unique style and big ideas could be attributed to a combination of … Read More