Bold Wallpaper by Fudgegraphics 1920x1200

Wallpaper of the Week 95 – Bold

This week we would like to feature a recently released wallpaper created by our friend Franz Jeitz of Fudge Graphics. Recently he created a stunning piece titled 'Bold' that happened to be a happy accident. He usually plays around with simple geometric shapes, combining them until it appeals to his … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 94 – Roller Coaster Fun

Our wallpaper pick for this week comes to us from and features a large never ending invisible roller coaster in the sky full of happy souls and screaming children. This wallpaper is a fun photo manipulation that will brighten up your desktop and make you wish you were at Disney … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 93 – This is a Long Drive…

Our wallpaper pick for this week comes to us from designer Rick Murphy. Back in 1996, a little band named Modest Mouse released their very first album with a mouthful of a title: This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About. This album, along with Yo La Tengo’s Elecr-O-Pura shaped … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 92 – Colorstrike

Our wallpaper pick for this week is a stunning visual piece featured over at for their August 2012 wallpaper collection. This wallpaper features a little spherical ball that is bursting with an array of colored light from the inside. This incredible wallpaper was designed by … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 91 – Slumber

Our wallpaper pick for this week is a lovely Japanese inspired piece created by Sam Hadley aka 'Slumber'. This wallpaper was created specifically for the great wallpaper project over at It features a relaxing view of a sunset shining across a lake with a beautiful pagoda and a … Read More

smarties hd

Wallpaper of the Week 90 – Smarties HD

Our wallpaper pick for this week is a "sweet" wallpaper created by Italian photographer Andrea Cristaldi. What is this wallpaper a picture of? Only one of the best tasting candies to grace the face of the earth since gummy bears and lollipops. This HD wallpaper features a platter of Smarties candies … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 89 – Matt Taylor

Our wallpaper pick for this week is a stunning, bold, in your face wallpaper created by Matt Taylor. Matt is based in England and he's a designer who specializes in illustration. This wallpaper features a super warm color palette and he punched out the man’s skin with pure black. The tiny details in … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 88 – Csaba Fekete

Our wallpaper pick for this week is a stunning abstract piece created by designer Csaba Fekete. Csaba is a digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator from Budapest, Hungary. The wallpaper of the week image was created for the first edition of Run your Jewels website, and it was recently … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 87 – Desktopography Twenty Ten

Today we would like to feature an incredible wallpaper design created by designer Luuk Vermeyden. Luuk is a graphic designer based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. He started working with photoshop in 2001 as a hobby and it eventually turned into his carreer. He specialized his skills to create … Read More


Wallpaper of the Week 86 – Scattered in Time

Our featured wallpaper for this week comes to us from Diftype aka Niklas Lundbert. Diftype was established in 2006 as the creative playground of Niklas Lundberg, born and raised in Umeå, Sweden. Specializing in design and illustration he has worked with a wide range of international clients such as … Read More