Remove Background From an Image in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great way to adjust your photos. You have control over the foreground and background. Sometimes we find the perfect photo, but are not entirely sure of the background. Adobe Photoshop to the rescue! There are a few ways to remove a background in Adobe Photoshop and sometimes … Read More

Alignment in Adobe InDesign

How to Align Objects in Adobe InDesign

With the Align panel (Window > Object & Layout > Align) it is easy to align or distribute objects horizontally or vertically along the selection, margins, page, or spread. If you choose Show Options from the Align panel, you will see all the commands in the panel. Please note that the … Read More


Custom Packaging with Digital Die Cut Boxes

In the era of digital printing, it is great to be able to add your own custom design to packaging. Customization with graphics and sizing make this a great outer layer for special products. Today we will discuss what is needed to create a die cut box for soap, which utilizes laser die cutting from … Read More

marketing graphic designer - feature

How to Find A Niche as a Graphic Designer

Finding your niche as a graphic designer allows you to focus your time and energy on becoming an expert in one industry, style, or technique, which in turn gets you notoriety, a strong portfolio, and lots more clientele. While you may enjoy working on many different types of design projects, it … Read More

David Babies - Landscapes-Double-Exposure-Series-feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – David Iwane’s Double Exposures

In previous photography inspiration posts, we've shared "double exposures" in the work of Daniella Zalcman where she merged the streets and skylines of New York City and London Double Exposure, as well as these unique portraits by Dan Mountford. Today's graphic design inspiration post explores … Read More

Double Exposure

Create a Double-Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop

What is a Double Exposure? A double exposure takes two or more images and creates one image from them. In the days of film, this took quite a bit of effort and technique. You had to take a picture and rewind before taking the second. It is much easier to do this in Adobe Photoshop and you have much … Read More


Clipping Masks in Adobe Photoshop

What Are Clipping Masks Clipping masks are a great tool to hide unwanted parts of a layer. Clipping masks use the contents and transparency of a layer to determine which parts of the layer above are visible. As we know, there are multiple ways to achieve the same goal in Photoshop. Clipping masks … Read More


Design Inspiration – 2015 Wedding Invite Trends

Today's graphic design inspiration post is a bit different than some of the types of posts we usually publish on Tuesdays. Instead of highlighting an artist or photographer, we'd like to highlight some wedding invitation design trends that we think will be popular for 2015 invite … Read More


Create a Stained Glass Window Graphic

Running low on glass and metallic salts? Not feeling like crafting a work of art made out of glass supported by a lead frame? Take the weight and effort out of a stained glass window project with window graphics. Window graphics could be the perfect and flexible solution that you are looking for. In … Read More


Graphic Design Inspiration – True Fact Medical Posters

Today's graphic design inspiration is fun to look at and informative to boot! Did you know that your heartbeat mimics the music to which you are listening? Or that your eyes see at 576 megapixels of resolution? These illustrations created by Pâté studio identify some little known facts about the … Read More