yule_magic_by_magicsart - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Snow Queens by MagicsArt

In keeping with the cold and wintery season, today's graphic design inspiration post is filled with ice and snow... And beautiful, mysterious women. These images by Swedish artist MagicsArt reminded me of the story of the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is a tale written in 1844 by Hans Christian … Read More

new year party invitations - feature

Adding Glitz to New Year’s Invites & Greeting Cards

It's never too early to start planning your New Year's celebration. With all the holiday events, gatherings, and other holiday cheer, New Years can really sneak up on us. The first step in a successful New Years celebration is getting the word out to your guests. With stuffed mailboxes full of … Read More


How to Set Up a Laser Die Cutting Digital Design File

Sick of the normal square and rectangles? Want to print a custom shape? You've come to the right place. Laser die cutting is the perfect solution for designing out of the box, or rectangle. Laser die cutting will give your printed piece a unique look. This is a great way to make your printing … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Wintery Characters

The turkey holiday has passed and meteorological winter started on December 1st. Astrological winter starts on December 21st. It's a wintery, snowy time in much of the United States, and today's graphic design inspiration is reflective of the season. Below is the work of an artist based in … Read More

Wall Decal Printing

Perfect File Setup for Your Wall Decal Project

Wall Decal Printing Project Planning The success of your wall decal project starts in the initial planning stages. I highly recommend getting an idea of the space where your graphic will be used. For something large, this may require some measuring work and doing some in-depth planning. Wall decals … Read More


Create Dazzling Holiday Cards with White Ink Printing and Laser Die Cutting

'Tis the season to start designing your holiday cards. It is best to get an early start on them because as we all know this time of year gets hectic. Designing and ordering your holiday cards early allows for plenty of signing and mailing time. Also, having this extra time will allow for ample … Read More

Animated GIF

Creating Animated Gifs in Adobe Photoshop

Even with technology advances, animated gifs are making a resurgence in popularity. You know that saying "what's old is new again". Animated gifs are a perfect example of why that statement is true. Many times animated gifs are showing something funny. Just this morning I watched way too many … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Vintage Thanksgiving Postcards

It's November! That means Thanksgiving is on its way. In honor of this traditional holiday, today's graphic design inspiration post celebrates some of the Thanksgiving imagery of the past. Below, take a look at a collection of vintage Thanksgiving postcard illustrations. … Read More


Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Memorable with Custom Place Cards

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it is time to get set for the next big holiday. The countdown is on until we start celebrating Thanksgiving. Whether you love to cook the big feast, or just enjoy eating your favorite dishes, custom place cards will really enhance the table decor. In addition to … Read More

Photoshop PDF

Converting an Adobe Photoshop or JPEG file to a PDF

With Adobe Creative Suite, different programs offer different options. Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator are the most flexible when it comes to document layout, but there is one more option that can also work. This would be Adobe Photoshop. Although document setup is slightly different, printing … Read More