Perfect Bound Books, the Perfect Booklet Printing Option

You are probably used to designing saddle stitch, wire coil, and spiral bound booklets. is proud to announce that we've added perfect bound books to our array of custom booklet printing options. File setup is very similar to wire and spiral coil because we go by the number of … Read More

Seal and Send

Digital Design File Considerations for Seal & Send Invitations

Seal and send designs allow for the best bang for your buck on invitation printing - it's a great all-in-one that's a self-mailer! With these design considerations, it is pretty simple to design and is perfect for any occasion. Weddings, galas, business openings, birthday parties are just a few … Read More


Graphic Design Inspiration – Book Cover Art

As you might know, we recently introduced a new perfect bound book printing option at If you've ever wanted to publish a book for any reason, from something for business such as a catalog, to something more creative like a novel, you might want to check out perfect bound … Read More

Photoshop Glow

Make Your Design Glow Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has options that will enhance and add some light to your design, making it glow. We will be creating some glowing text that is sure to brighten things up. Let's look to the bright side and get started! Step One - Radial Gradient Let's get rid of the blank canvas and start off with … Read More


Add Lens Flair to Your Design in Adobe Photoshop

What Causes Lens Flare? We've all come across photos that have lens flair. It happens when stray light reflects on the inside of your lens. It can be an extra added element to your photo. Lens flair can look like light streaks or bursts. Some photographers try to avoid lens flair, but lately it has … Read More

MOnsters-Inc-minimalist circles feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Minimalist Movie Circles

As stated previously, over and over, I am a fan of minimalism. I think it's interesting how designers can distill big concepts into just a few colors and shapes. With this graphic design inspiration post, one artist is capturing the essence of a film with just a few circles. Only using circles … Read More


Add a Glossy Look to Vector Graphics

Most often, illustrators use Adobe Illustrator to create vector illustrations. Illustrator offers a lot of flexibility and a wide array of tools. Vector art is easy to scale, and easy to work with. Sometimes, however, the artwork looks a little too dull. The good news is, a glossy look can be added … Read More

minimalist-leprechaun - feature

Holiday Inspiration – St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today seems to be about two things: In religious circles, it's actually to celebrate Saint Patrick, while in more secular areas of life, it's all about celebrating the Irish and Ireland. But the observance of celebration on this exists mostly due to Saint Patrick's life, so … Read More


Tips and Tricks for Creating a Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is documentation that describes and gives a clear set of rules for how the company branding elements should look. All marketing materials, should be designed with this guide in mind. Style guides help you by making your projects easier to maintain and create. It will give clear … Read More


How to Create a Custom Pocket Invitation for Occasion Printing

Custom pocket folders are a great way to add that finishing touch to your event collateral. Creating a custom folder that houses all the different components to your event works great. Folders that house wedding stationery are becoming increasingly popular and add a nice finishing touch. Having … Read More