Create a Step and Repeat Pattern with Adobe InDesign

Step and repeat banners are a great addition to any event, as well as, being an economical way to get your brand out in the world. With your logo repeated multiple times, you can be sure that it will appear in every picture no matter what the camera angle happens to be. For any event, whether it is … Read More

leigh hunt quote - Ryan McArthur - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Ryan McArthur Posters

As previous posts demonstrate, I'm a big fan of minimalism and text/imagery combinations. I love how words and images can work together to create something greater than one or the other would on their own. So when I spotted these posters by Ryan McArthur, they were destined to end up as fodder for … Read More

Modern Typeface

Modern Typography Trends

Flat Design with Emphasis on Typography As we all know, typography is meant to be read and the font should match the overall tone, and fit into the design for a unified finished piece. With flat design, typography often takes center stage which allows for the key message to be easily … Read More

drinks  Vahram Muratyan - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Paris vs. New York

In an earlier photography inspiration post, photographer Daniella Zalcman manipulated digital photos to create New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures. These images seemed to show a symmetry between The Big Apple and The Big Smoke, even with the whole Atlantic Ocean in between … Read More

Inserted Page Adobe Acrobat

File Setup Considerations for Designing Wall Calendars

It may seem that 2015 is far away, but it's never too early to think about what will be featured on your calendars and where you will distribute them. Have you been taking great landscape photos all summer? Why not feature those for the summer months in your calendar? Have you been on any great … Read More


5 Tips for Organizing Your Adobe Bridge

What is Adobe Bridge? Adobe Bridge has been around for a few years now, starting with Adobe Creative Suite 2. Since then, improvements have been made and is a valuable asset to your creative workflow. With Bridge, you can organize any type of media and is a bridge between all programs in the … Read More


Delight Someone with an Oversized Greeting Card

When it comes to making a big impact or a grand gesture, size can be a big factor. There’s something captivating about a huge greeting card and it’s this wow factor that makes them such a powerful gift. Whether it’s a thank you card, birthday card, congratulations card, or sorry card, an oversized … Read More

gumball cartoon network andrew groves - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Cartoon Network 2014 Calendar

I'm a big fan of cartoons, and in particular the shows produced by Cartoon Network. They aren't just kid-stuff - they're creative, imaginative and inspiring in so many ways. In fact, my favorite (Adventure Time) has even won an Emmy. In this graphic design inspiration post, Cartoon Network teamed … Read More

Auto Numbering and Variable Data

Variable Data vs. Auto Numbering – Tips, Tricks and Examples

The terms "variable data" and "auto numbering" may sound like they are same thing. They are similar in the fact that variable data and auto numbering allow for customization on each individual printed piece. Technically, auto numbering is a form of variable data because each piece has a unique … Read More