charles-kaiser-witch-s-mask-october-31-1942 - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Vintage Halloween Illustrations

Ok, last week's vintage Halloween costume photography inspiration post was a bit creepy.  In this week's graphic design inspiration post, I'm going to cutesy it up a bit with some vintage Halloween illustrations! I love vintage designs. Taking a look at the past of design helps us to see how we … Read More

Content Collector

Benefits of the Content Collector in Adobe InDesign

We use copy and paste on a daily basis when working on graphic design projects. We've all used Libraries, which are very helpful, but there has to be another solution for more complex needs. What if there was a faster way to copy elements, and existing pages of content? You're in luck, there is a … Read More

out_of_the_mist_by_jerry8448 - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Hauntings by Jeremiah Morelli

It's October! I don't know about you, but now that the summer is over, I'm looking forward to Halloween, which is basically opening day to the holiday season. And what a holiday it is! With all the costumes, candy, social acceptance of total strangers knocking on your door and asking for … Read More


Create a Screenprint Effect in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign

Add a unique look to your images and typography with a screenprint effect. It is easy to do and in 9 easy steps, you will create a unique design, and who knows, you may even be so proud that you will want to actually create screen printed pieces like posters and tshirts. The overlapping of colors … Read More

Sara the Movie Wolf of Wallstreet - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Sara the Movie

This week's graphic design inspiration comes in the form of minimalist movie posters. I'm a fan of minimalism, movies and posters, so of course it's right up my alley. I hope you like them, too. These posters were created by an artist from Spain who calls herself Sara the Movie. There's very … Read More


From Print to Digital – eBooks in Adobe InDesign

Tips for a Successful Conversion For the creation of an eBook, we will be using the EPUB format. This format is widely accepted on multiple devices like the iBook app, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, and the Nook. It's not quite as simple as taking your booklet printing file and doing a quick … Read More


Text and Image Combination for Poster Design

Text and images are essential to design and conveying the message to your audience. Below is an example of poster design where typography and imagery are combined to create a unified design. Step One - Choose the Imagery and Typography This will be a poster for a music venue that hosts large … Read More

Sophia Sanner Mythical Creation #7 - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Mythical Creatures

Welcome to the next installment of graphic design inspiration. Today, we're taking a look at the Mythical Creatures created by Sophia Sanner. I was flipping through other blogs and came across this artist. Specifically, the little green guy directly below, which has become my favorite. I had to … Read More


Create a Step and Repeat Pattern with Adobe InDesign

Step and repeat banners are a great addition to any event, as well as, being an economical way to get your brand out in the world. With your logo repeated multiple times, you can be sure that it will appear in every picture no matter what the camera angle happens to be. For any event, whether it is … Read More