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Infographic Inspiration – Earth Day 2014

Today is Earth Day! In recognition in this most green and eco-friendly of observances, I'm sharing something a little different today. At, we work towards being more and more eco-friendly. I invite you to read this post from earlier this week about's partnership … Read More

Forms in Adobe InDesign

Create PDF forms with Adobe InDesign

In newer versions of Adobe InDesign (CS6 and CC), it is easy to design forms in InDesign and export them to a PDF. Form fields can be created, as well as, form actions. You may be used to working with Adobe Acrobat to create forms. That is a great tool as well, but I find with InDesign it is easier … Read More

Charts in Adobe Illustrator

Data Display Options Using the Chart Feature in Adobe Illustrator

Charts and Data Adobe Illustrator has a wide variety of chart types. I personally LOVE using Illustrator rather than PowerPoint for charts. The main reason is that they are vector and easy to edit! The chart tool can be helpful for infographic graphics as well. In this graphic design tutorial post, … Read More

Channels in Adobe Photoshop

Channel Basics in Adobe Photoshop

What Are Channels? Channels are layers of color information of your Photoshop document. Think of each layer as an individual color. If you are working with RGB mode, your channel panel will show 4 channels by default (RGB Composite, Red, Green and Blue) and if you have selected CMYK mode than your … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – April Fools Day & San Serriffe

Happy April Fool’s Day! Sure, it’s not exactly like wishing someone a happy birthday or a happy New Year or even a happy Fourth of July, but it’s still a holiday. And a fun one to boot. In recognition of this most foolish of holidays, today's graphic design inspiration post is a little different. It … Read More


Create a Table of Contents with Adobe InDesign

Table of Contents Location and Details A table of contents, also known as a TOC, typically appears at the beginning of a document and is a list of page numbers associated with the beginning of main sections of the document. Typically this document is long, the TOC helps the reader find what they … Read More

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How to Print Limited Edition Art & Art Series

People love a beautiful, unique and original work of art. The only problem with an original, though, is there can be only one. There is just one of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, one The Scream by Edvard Munch and Johannes Vermeer only painted one Girl with a Pearl Earring. I’m sure you’ve seen all of … Read More

Sports Logo Banner Example

Use the Warp Tool to Create the Perfect Team Logo Text

The weather is warming up, which means spring and summer sports will be in full swing very soon! There is plenty of time to create and print posters, hanging banners, and other online printing collateral for your favorite team, but it is good idea to start designing now! Logo Tips I find it … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Word Spirit Animals

Words have power. When strung together, they can convince and convert. They can also stand on their own as individual concepts. Today's graphic design inspiration post centers on the power of imagery and words. Andreas Preis is a designer, as well as an illustrator, who currently shares his time … Read More

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How to Use Old Style Figures in Adobe InDesign

There are two types basic types of numerals. Tabular and Old Style numerals are quite different and some serif font typefaces offer both choices. These options are typically available in Open Type serif fonts (some sans serif fonts may offer Old Style numerals, but it is not as common). Old Style … Read More