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10 Tips for Creating Typographic Design

In recent years, there has been a renewed appreciation for typographic design and other text-related art. The words become part of the design, but in many cases, type can be practical, too. Designing with words isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. It’s not a matter of taking a photograph and … Read More

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3 Ways to Make Your Own Textures

Textures have become an important element of graphic design and digital art. They can simply add a bit of depth to your image or change its look and emotional appeal altogether. Though you can find textures from various resources on the web, knowing how to create your own textures can be a valuable … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Punimals

I'm a writer with an artistic streak, so when I saw Sophie Corrigan's Animal Puns series, I knew I had something to share for our twice-monthly graphic design inspiration post. UK-based freelance illustrator Sophie adds clever wordplay to adorable animal images. The UK-based freelance illustrator … Read More


Design Color Trends for 2016

It’s time to get yourself caught up on this year’s color predictions so everything you design — from new logos and business cards to posters and window clings — will be right in style. How are the colors of the year determined? From the worlds of fashion, home décor, the design world and the … Read More


Design a Tri-fold Brochure for Variable Data Printing

Tri-fold brochures offer flexibility with design as well as being a great option for mailing. Because they have the ability to accommodate a tri-fold brochure, once they are at their assembled size, they are perfect for mailing. They are a great option that can house a lot of informational content, … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Four Seasons by Teagan White

Though delivers to customers nationwide, we are based in Minnesota. It's nice to be able to once in a while highlight a local artist and their work. In today's graphic design inspiration, we have a series of illustrations created by Minnesota-based artist Teagan White. Teagan is a … Read More


Create a Vector Signature for Signed Letters or Cards

We often print in bulk, but still want that personalized touch of a signed letter or card. Although each card is not "hand signed", you can still give that effect with a vector digital signature. If you are printing out hundreds of letters or cards, it is not realistic to expect them all to be hand … Read More


Create Snowflakes with Digital Die Cutting

After the holiday displays have gone, it may be difficult to create something visually exciting. After all, how do we top all the great decor that the holidays bring? Still in the midst of winter, what will draw customers in? The answer may be something as simle as a snowflake. With the ability … Read More

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Holiday Inspiration – New Year’s Eve

Tonight's the night where people will be counting down to a new year and a new opportunity to improve ourselves. You probably won't be paying much attention to what we have to say, as you're getting ready for your party preparations. So here's just some fun design and photo inspiration to get you in … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Nightmare Zodiac Signs

The zodiac signs have been around for thousands of years. It's been represented and interpreted in a variety of ways, and in this graphic design inspiration post, they've been transformed in a decidedly modern way. Working with a mix of drawing, watercolor, and digital illustration, artist Damon … Read More