Page Layout

Catalog Layout: Design Tips and Tricks

If you are new to designing catalogs, the task of a multi-page document can seem daunting at first. Rest assured, InDesign has some great tools to make this job easier. It is worth the time investment up front to learn about some time saving measures. It's guaranteed that these tips will be … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Elena Berezina

It always amazes me how digital artists can create beautiful imagery out of pixels. Like pulling creativity and beautiful works out of thin air. Elena Berezina is such a digital artist. Based in Russia, she has created some amazing works. Take a look at a few of her images below, then head on over … Read More


Using Multiple Artboards in Adobe Illustrator

Why Use Multiple Artboards? Using multiple artboards is beneficial when you are creating multiple concepts. For example, this really comes in handy when designing logos. Instead of creating a giant document with a ton of designs, why not create multiple artboards? One important feature is the … Read More


Quick Saving Options from Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a great tool for creating custom graphics. What happens when you want to save them? Well, saving files may not be as exciting as designing them, but these tips and tricks will help you save some time so you have time to create more awesome work. One tip to consider, if you would like … Read More


Graphic Design Inspiration – Selfie Fables

A little fantasy is good for the soul. Today's graphic design inspiration post is a twist on the usual fairytale fantasies that we're used to. In this installment, artist Simona Bonafini shows us what might happen if fairytale characters had their own Instagram accounts and shared selfies. Take a … Read More


How to Make Objects Look 3D in Adobe Illustrator

Let's step into another dimension...say so long to flat typography and hello to the 3D world! Today we will be taking a look at how to have some fun with typography. It's quick and easy, and with some practice, you can utilize poster printing and show off your skills. We will create some fun … Read More

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Graphic Design Inspiration – Hand Lettering by Mark

Type, typography and hand lettering seem to become increasingly popular these days. Today's graphic design inspiration takes a look at some beautiful hand lettering designs. These were created by Mark van Leeuwen. He is a freelance designer currently based in Italy, who specializes in Logo Design … Read More


Perfect Bound Books, the Perfect Booklet Printing Option

You are probably used to designing saddle stitch, wire coil, and spiral bound booklets. is proud to announce that we've added perfect bound books to our array of custom booklet printing options. File setup is very similar to wire and spiral coil because we go by the number of … Read More

Seal and Send

Digital Design File Considerations for Seal & Send Invitations

Seal and send designs allow for the best bang for your buck on invitation printing - it's a great all-in-one that's a self-mailer! With these design considerations, it is pretty simple to design and is perfect for any occasion. Weddings, galas, business openings, birthday parties are just a few … Read More


Graphic Design Inspiration – Book Cover Art

As you might know, we recently introduced a new perfect bound book printing option at If you've ever wanted to publish a book for any reason, from something for business such as a catalog, to something more creative like a novel, you might want to check out perfect bound … Read More