scripty font for printed invitations - feature

5 Tips for Choosing a Font for Your Project

There are now thousands upon thousands of different fonts available for your graphic design project, many of which are free to download and use. This huge availability of fonts can sometimes result in to paradoxical outcomes: Using the same fonts because it is tiresome to sift through what’s … Read More

creative brain ideas - feature

5 Tips for Coming Up with New Ideas

Creative jobs can be a lot of fun and incredibly fulfilling. Just as with other jobs, though, when you’re doing the same things every day, you can get in a bit of a rut. It can be taxing to constantly come up with new ideas day in and day out. However, there are many things that you can to in order … Read More

Sara Heffernen - Oh Crop - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Punny Design Posters

Who doesn’t like a good pun? In this graphic design inspiration post, Sara Heffernen has created a marvelous series of funny posters that graphic designers can truly appreciate. Take a look at her posters below, then cruise on over to her Behance profile to see more. Would … Read More


Blob Brush Tool In Adobe Illustrator

We all know that Adobe Illustrator is great for illustration and has numerous tools to make the perfect artwork. We all know about the pen tool and that brushes can be used too. However, there may be one type of brush that is not the most widely known, which is the Blob Brush. To use the Blob … Read More


HDR and Panoramic Merge in Adobe Photoshop

When planning for a Panoramic image, it requires careful photography. Make sure to use bracketing and plan for overlap when shooting images. Panoramic images can be created with a few images, or quite a few. Depending on the complexity, it can be kind of time consuming to process these individual … Read More

Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin The Son of Man by Rene Magritte - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Criterion+Art

Science and art, dogs and Marvel superheroes, old photos of Detroit and new photos of Detroit: OK, lately there has been a theme of mashups in the graphic design inspiration post. Why stop now? Eisen Bernardo is a graphic artist based in the Philippines. A development communicator by profession, he … Read More


Tutorial: Designing a Booklet with a Custom Cutout

The possibilities are endless when printing booklets. From small to large, thin to thick, all with many different paper stock options to choose from. brings digital diecutting to the forefront and the good news is that your cover can be customized even more with a custom cutout or … Read More


Explore the Artboard Feature in Photoshop

We all know and love Adobe Photoshop and anxiously await new features as these updates become available. Since the early days, Adobe Illustrator has had a great artboard feature making it easy to develop multiple concepts and export them to a PDF file. This has become such a crucial part of a … Read More

paper cutting art - feature

Amazing Art Made by Cutting Paper

Last October, we excitedly introduced our digital laser die cutter and all the nifty things that it can do. For us, it was an almost instant love. Well, now we're approaching a year since we got the MotionCutter, and we're still just as in love with it now as we were then. We're always looking out … Read More

Josh-Lynch-Marvel-Dogs-Pug Spiderman - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Dogs of the Marvel Universe

Dogs are the best. Of course, I might be biased, as I have an awesome dog named Spirit. But I'm not alone, because many, many people also think dogs are super. Many, many people also like Marvel superhero characters. At the intersection of dog lovers and Marvel superhero admirers is Twin … Read More