paper cutting art - feature

Amazing Art Made by Cutting Paper

Last October, we excitedly introduced our digital laser die cutter and all the nifty things that it can do. For us, it was an almost instant love. Well, now we're approaching a year since we got the MotionCutter, and we're still just as in love with it now as we were then. We're always looking out … Read More

Josh-Lynch-Marvel-Dogs-Pug Spiderman - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Dogs of the Marvel Universe

Dogs are the best. Of course, I might be biased, as I have an awesome dog named Spirit. But I'm not alone, because many, many people also think dogs are super. Many, many people also like Marvel superhero characters. At the intersection of dog lovers and Marvel superhero admirers is Twin … Read More


How to Use the Note Feature in Adobe InDesign

Do you find yourself collaborating with other designers within an InDesign document? You may need to add editorial notes or design comments. Do you wish you had a place to store project notes, so you remember exact details when you open up the file to work on it again? If so, you are in luck. Adobe … Read More


Pinterest Tips for Designers

As designers, we are all visual people. There is one social media channel that immediately comes to mind because it combines the visual with the ability to categorize. Pinterest is a great way to create inspiration boards while being able to link back by having these pins saved. In addition to … Read More

pluto probe - illustrated science - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Illustrated Science

I'm really excited to share today's graphic design inspiration: Illustrated Science! I love it when analytical topics like science are combined with art! Not that they aren't great separately, but there's something special about being able to combine topics like these in an interesting, attractive … Read More


How to Grow Your Design Skills When You Are Insanely Busy

There's the old saying "If you're not learning, you're not growing". That is so true of the graphic design industry. Keeping up on trends, learning new software, being a project manager, accountant, and design superstar are just a few things on our list. Oh, wait, and keeping our clients happy. The … Read More


Tips and Tricks for Presenting Logo Concepts to Clients

It's the moment of truth, you have your logo design concepts ready to present to the client. You may have planned an in person meeting, or  you may be working at a distance and send them a file with the concepts. Either way, you may feel nervous at times. Although we do not have full control over … Read More

sweet-couple-love-illustrations-art-puuung-47-love-is - feature

Graphic Design Inspiration – Love Is

Today's graphic design inspiration comes in the form of sweet, heartwarming illustrations by a Korea-based artist named “Puuung.” She captures those perfect, private, seemingly unimportant moments that love is really made of. From the artist: Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love … Read More


Step and Repeat Setup in Adobe Photoshop

Using Raster Graphics for Your Step and Repeat Art Although vector graphics are the preferred images for your step and repeat banner, it is not always an option. You may not have a vector copy of the logo, so raster is then next best thing. The good news is, Adobe Photoshop will help you create … Read More


5 Top Underutilized Tools in Adobe Photoshop

We often get stuck in one way of working and use the same tools that we've become used to. It's hard to keep up with all the tools that are available in Adobe Photoshop because there are so many! It's a great problem to have, and it is always a great idea to do some exploring to see which tools are … Read More