Blog Spotlight – The Photographer Blog

Blog Spotlight – The Photographer Blog

Today we would like to feature “The Photographer Blog”. This blog is the personal blog ran by photographer Mandy Jones. It’s a neat little blog that posts content related to gear, tips and tricks, inspiration, photoshop techniques and a whole lot more. In addition to photography content, Mandy posts content related to her journey as she moves forward in the world of photography. She posts pictures, travel stories and everything in between as she develops her skills and learns more about photography. She really enjoys sharing her experiences on her blog, and she likes to read and hear other photographers experiences too! If you’re looking for a neat little personal photography blog, head over to The Photographer Blog now and check it out! Be sure to also check out Mandy’s personal photography section where she shares her own photography for others to view and comment. Keep up the great work Mandy!

About Sean

Hi, I'm a graphic designer who runs the Blog. I enjoy good design, Red Bull and playing Minecraft. I studied digital arts and design and entertainment business at Full Sail University.

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