Fashion Photography & Giclee Maestro Natalie Shau

Based in Lithuania, Natalie Shau is a mixed media artist, proficient in fashion and portrait based photography and digital illustration. She is also a professional photographer. Her work is inspiring in its authenticity and the clarity of brushwork. She draws inspiration from everyday life and her heritage as a person of Russian and Kazakhstan descent. Other than her personal portfolio of digital illustration and photo art, Natalie also enjoys creating artwork and images for fashion magazines, musicians, writers, theater artists and advertisements.

She is best known for her fine art giclee prints which are created in limited editions and signed by the artist. Having worked with clients like Ogilvy & Mather, Century Media, Sony BMG, Simon & Schuster Books and Cadbury, she has also branched out to work as an art director for Kamel Ouali’s 3D musical ‘Dracula’. Check out the portfolio here.


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Four Steps to Imaginative Coloring with Photoshop

Adding or removing color from a regular image can give it that touch of the eccentric and whimsical which will change the overall look and feel of the picture completely. Watch as a simple everyday picture is transformed with the use of Photoshop! Black and white images are always powerful and have held on to the imagination of the classes as well as the masses over the years.

In this Photoshop tutorial, you can learn how to change any image into a black and white picture and then highlight a certain section or object in the image with different hues. This will make that specific colored object stand out from the rest of the picture. The best thing is that with Photoshop, the whole process can be completed in 4 really simple steps. Create your stunning images now! Check out the tutorial here.


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Master the Glassy Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

Whether you are an amateur designer or an old hand at digital art designing and effects, you will know that Photoshop text effects are a very important part of any designers’ arsenal. Creative text effects can help you leave a lasting impression in the minds of your viewers and you will be able to make your point in more ways than just one. In general, shiny effects like creating gold and glass text is quite difficult.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a doubly difficult text effect that is both gold and glassy! By using simple Photoshop techniques and layering effects, the author of the tutorial achieves the perfect blend of gold and glass to give you one of the most eye-catching text affects you have ever seen. Have a look at these simple tips in the tutorial to get started on your own project! Check out this tutorial here.


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Music Inspires Art in Karolos’ Work

In his late twenties, Mike Karolos is an Athenian with a creative edge. This inspirational graphic designer was born in Manchester, United Kingdom but calls Athens, Greece his home. He is the art director at in8 studio in Greece and he also does a bundle of freelancing projects in his free time. Karolos describes his style of digital artwork as ‘evolving’ and believes that when it comes to graphic design, “It’s style that makes the difference.”

He finds inspiration in everything he sees but a lot of his work is specifically influenced by his love for music, particularly, hip-hop, and rap music made famous by Ice Cube, Beastie Boys, and Eminem. The tools of his trade are pencil, paper, scanner, Photoshop, and Illustrator amongst others and he has a way with his weapons of choice that brings his digital expressions to life. His area of expertise lies in logo design, graffiti abstract paintings, photomanipulation, and illustration artwork. Check out his portfolio here.

Print desktop car Print

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Daily Inspiration – Yes/No

Today’s inspiration comes from the thought provoking graphic designer Nina Georgieva.

What do we love about Nina? Apart from the fact that she takes a unique and exciting approach to her design work, we can’t get enough of her recent project Yes/No Interface. On first glance this project might not seem like anything special, but it’s the theory behind the work which really draws us in.

Yes/No Interface is a series of interfaces that offer a choice between yes and no, which are of course the hardest choices that we face every day. What Nina has done so masterfully is designed each individual interface to represent a different unique interaction, atmosphere and story.

Like what you see? Check out more of Nina Georgieva’s work over at her online portfolio and website.






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Daily Inspiration – Doodle a Day

Need a dose of daily inspiration? If so you’ve got to check out this awesome Doodle a Day project by Lithuanian based graphic designer Karolis Strautniekas.

Doodle a Day is pretty much exactly as it sounds – an ongoing project by Karolis of a effortless doodle created each and every day. Simple yet effective, these intriguing doodles transform an otherwise mundane concept leaving the viewer hungering for more. His choice of color palette enables us to fully immerse ourselves in the doodles exploring their hidden meanings and agendas, without being distracted by unnecessary extras.

Discover the rest of Karolis’s Doodle a Day project, along with more of his exceptional work over at his online portfolio or website.

a pencil

a slingshot

a storm in a cup


a hair brush

tiny scissors


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Photo-realistic Digital Art with Bert Monroy

Digital photo-realist artist Bert Monroy is our inspiration for the day! His photo-realistic digital pictures are brilliant in that they display his eye for detail and look like a photograph of the scene would have looked. Residing in California, Monroy has created a panorama view of the Chicago’s Damen Station on the Blue Line. The file is probably the largest Photoshop file ever and is made up of over 50 Photoshop files, 500 alpha channels, 250,000 paths, and 15,000 layers!

It took all of 2,000 hours to create the beauty and he completed it in a year or so. He started off using Adobe Illustrator to create the shapes and basic outlines of the buildings in Chicago and finished the mega artwork on Photoshop. He is the writer and co-writer of a variety of books such as The Official Adobe Photoshop Handbook, Adobe Photoshop: A Visual Guide to the Mac, Photoshop 4, and more. Have a look at the panorama on his portfolio here.

Oakland oldchair red-truck

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Daily Inspiration – Step By Step Lion

Today’s inspiration comes from the incredibly talented Ukrainian designer York Swan, who has created a step by step guide on how to design your very own awesome lion head.

Nothing beats getting the chance to see how the experts go about constructing their images from scratch, as just viewing the process alone can provide us with inspiration for our own work. In this project we see how York layers lots of geometric shapes to create a base to work from. After block filling certain sections of the image, he is left with a distinctive and stylized lion icon, which is very cool indeed.

If you like York’s Lion project, why not head over to his online portfolio and check out more of his work.


Geometric Lion

Step by Step Lion

Step by Step Lion

Step by Step Lion

Step by Step Lion

Step by Step Lion

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Photoshop Tutorial to Add Light Streaks to Digital Photos

Light streaks are used with sterling and fantastic effect in a variety of advertisements and print forms. They add a new dimension to pictures and create an ethereal feel that is difficult to achieve without the 3D feel of light streaks. In this Photoshop tutorial, Steve Patterson shows you how to add this unique effect to your photos by using the Pen Tool in Photoshop along with some simple brush techniques and layer styles.

The colorful streaks of light that you will learn to add to your photos can transform a regular image into one glistening with surreal glow. Within 20 simple steps lies the path to create such a picture through Photoshop. Patterson takes you through the very basic steps of adding path segments, using the brush strokes and more so you can insure the light streaks are absolutely right! Check out the tutorial here.


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Colorful Art Works by Premiere Japanese Digital Artist

Japan based illustrator and graphic designing specialist Gaku Imai has a creative identity that is as unique as his eccentric artworks. Peanuts Taste is the creative identity Imai uses when publishing his work. One look at his digital images and you will be entranced by the happy, colorful, and bold patterns. Each image has his love for cute objects, mechanical parts, funny gadgets, and rare and unique characters on display.

Bright, vivid, and bold colors are paired with characters and items created with heavy outlines to deliver the trademark Peanuts Taste effect. His artwork is well recognized and has been on display in a multitude of places all over the world. This Japanese artist has been featured in magazines such as What’s Next and MdN and his works have been exhibited at StarFactory 100 Meets Art exhibition among others. Have a look at his brilliant portfolio here.

rejourney sundays whatsnext


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