Daily Inspiration – Units of Measure

Today’s inspiration comes from Singapore based dynamic graphic design duo Acre.

Acre decided that they wanted to create an intriguing ‘Units of Measure’ Calender to sell to customers and clients, and the inspiration for this awesome project was born out of the fact that their name is a unit of measure. The poster is visually stimulating, informative, and is like no other calender we have ever seen before!

The calender highlights 12 different units of measure, combining the functionality of a wall mounted calender with the useful information about these units.

If you liked the idea of Acre’s ‘Units of Measure’ calender as much as we did, and you wish to see more of their work, then head over to their online portfolio or website and show them some love!

Units of Measure

Units of Measure

Units of Measure Special Edition

Units of Measure

Units of Measure

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Transformers and Avatar’s Digital Artist – Jaime Jasso

Our inspiration for the day comes from the works of Jaime Hernandez Jasso. Born in 1974, Jasso is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. Over the years, he has dabbled in many different artistic mediums to give his creativity the perfect outlet. He started off with drawing and painting, graduated to watercolor, oil, digital art, and airbrushing. He has also enjoyed creating comic books, illustrations, matte paintings, and conceptual art. This feature artist is best known for his concept art and 3D renderings as well as videogame cinematics and television commercials.

He has worked on several blockbuster films like Transformers War Cybertron, Star Wars Old Republic, Terminator Salvation (terrible), Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (spectacular), Avatar (stereotypical), Rango, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Iron Man 2 (major disappointment), and many more! His latest project has him working as a lead digital matte painter for a visual effects team at Industrial Light and Magic. Have a look at his extensive portfolio here.

concept_029 matte_014 matte_017

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Daily Inspiration – Video Games vs. Real Life

Whether you’re a gaming fan or not, the pixelated madness that is ‘Video Games vs. Real Life’ by London based graphic designer Aled Lewis is an eye opening inspiration.

This light hearted project combines some of the most classic characters from old school video games and places them in real life settings. The juxtaposition between the sharp, crisp photographic settings and the extremely out dated computer characters makes for an interesting composition. Do you recognize any of these legendary characters and which games they belong in?

If you enjoyed looking at this project you’ll definitely want to check out some more of Aled’s fantastic work over at his online portfolio or website.

Gaming vs. Real Life

Gaming vs. Real Life

Gaming vs. Real Life

Gaming vs. Real Life

Gaming vs. Real Life

Gaming vs. Real Life

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Daily Inspiration – Infographics

Information shouldn’t be dull and boring, and Simon Spring’s ‘Infographics’ project can inspire us all to present facts and figures in a more engaging and visually stimulating way.

This project is a perfect example of how graphic design can be used in all aspects of life, making business projects, work reports, and study results much more appealing to their audience. This is the future of information presentation, and Simon has demonstrated numerous different techniques and ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

To see more of Simon Spring’s graphic design work, check out his online portfolio or website.



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Self-Taught UK Based Digital Artist Rick Marland

Artists are notorious for being tight-lipped and modest about their lives and Rick Marland is no exception. Very few details of his biography are available but how much do you need to know when you can see his artwork firsthand? This self-taught digital artist has had no formal education in the field of digital artwork and Photoshop. After he purchased his first digital camera less than a decade ago, he set out to master the art of photography and digital art through Photoshop.

As per him, the best thing about Photoshop and photography is that there is so much to learn! In 2006, Marland received the ‘Digital Photo, Photographer of the Year’ award. His artwork are expressive, conceptual, and surreal in style. Other than Photoshop and photography, he has also dabbled in bicycle designing and won a competition with his design work. Have a look at his portfolio here.

1 2 3

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Photoshop Brushes and How to Use Them

Today, we bring to you a video tutorial that will explain how you can install and use Photoshop brushes. It doesn’t really matter if you are amateur photographer with not much skill as long as you know how to edit your photos in the right way using Photoshop. Even mundane everyday images can grasp or sustain a new life with Photoshop effects and additions.

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn about the many hundreds of Photoshop brush sets that are available for free and how to use them. In video format, not only will the tutorial tell you what to do but it will also show you how to download and install Photoshop brushes and use advanced techniques to colorize the photos, blend the brushwork, and much more! Have a look at this in-depth tutorial here.


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Daily Inspiration – Unthings -Things

Today we have been inspired b the fun and bizarre ‘unthings things’ project by the exciting graphic designer Nina Georgieva from Macedonia.

The concept is clear, the designs are bold and basic, yet the inspiration for this project is something else! It is fascinating to see design projects that are born out of a simple yet wacky concept, as it leads to almost endless possibilities of fun new design creations. The collection has a very cohesive and stylistic feel to it, thanks to the consistent use of color and shape which is seen throughout.

Nina is well known for creating unusual and eye catching design projects, so if you want to see more of her work head on over to her online portfolio or website.










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41 Photoshop Effects to Change Your Images Completely

Photoshop is much loved software because every digital artist – amateur as well as professional, can use Photoshop to the best effect with a few techniques at hand. Photo editing skills on Photoshop will stand you in good stead while creating and recreating artworks that are designed to stun the minds of viewers. In this compilation of tutorials, Hongkiat Lim puts together 41 Photoshop effects and tells you how to use them to your advantage.

Whether you want to make your pictures more suggestive, add displacement effects, or realistic water reflections, you will find everything you need to know in this master tutorial. Photoshop is vast and these are just 41 of the many different effects that you can use in Photoshop. It is a stellar and marvelous way to start dabbling and experimenting with the software. Have a look at the tutorial here.


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Enter Area-56 with Goro Fujita

Goro Fujita is a freelance character animator and visual development artist best known for his work with PDI/DreamWorks in Redwood City. His professional portfolio includes work like Megamind for DreamWorks Animation and Merry Madagascar. Fujita has an interesting history and his background has helped him create artwork steeped in the richness of his experience.

Born in Japan, Goro Fujita moved to Germany with his parents when he was just a toddler. Ever since he was a child, he has loved the art of drawing and creating. His online portfolio is aptly titled ‘Area-56’. As Fujita explains, in Japanese, ‘5’ is pronounced ‘go’ while ‘6’ is ‘ro’. Area-56 is simply another way to introduce the audience to Goro’s artistic domain. Have a look at his online portfolio that includes professional as well as personal artwork here.

1 2 3 4

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Multi-Faceted Artist – Bechira Sorin

Romanian digital artist and graphic designer Bechira Sorin is a veteran in the field of graphic design and photomanipulations. Based out of Timisoara in Romania, Sorin is all of 34 years and has incomparable Photoshop skills. The perfectionist also enjoys dabbling with multimedia designing and art. Over the years, Sorin has been awarded many times and enjoys working in a variety of fields such as digital matte painting, graphic design, VFX, typography, interactive media, experimental illustration, and much more.

He has the right education to back his practical skills. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts as well as one in multimedia techniques and new media. His long list of awards received includes The FWA – 3x SOTD, Eulda Best of Nation, Rembrand100 Merit Award, and more. His portfolio of personal as well as professional artworks is inspirational. Have a look at his online portfolio here.

black may mystic

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