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5 Ways to Capture Attention & Sales with Unique Banners

by Smartpress | April 10, 2015

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Large hanging Banner

Large Hanging Banner

So many things are going on this time of year. Conventions. Trade shows. New seasonal sales. Warmer weather that brings customers out and about.

How do you get your business noticed amid all the happenings? One way is marketing with great banners. And now is the time to get them ordered and ready to display in the right places.

Different kinds of banners can be used in different locations and for specific purposes. Here are some ideas for getting your business recognized using banners.

Large Hanging Banners

Big banners are for making a big statement. These announce the grand opening, the huge sale or your presence at that important trade show. Large hanging banners are great for using outdoors in front of your business location to catch customers’ attention. If the interior of your business is spacious enough, you can hang large banners with coordinating messages inside to spark interest and sales.

Small hanging Banner

Small Hanging Banner

Small Hanging Banners

Smaller businesses will benefit from using small hanging banners in strategic places to get noticed. A small storefront doesn’t need a large banner hanging outside to announce a sale or send a message. Very small banners can be used inside to tell the “story” of your event.

Retractable Banners

When you need a fast and eye-catching way to draw attention to your business, retractable banners are the perfect solution. They assemble in a flash, store compactly and can be moved from location to location quickly and easily. They’re great for popping up in front of a store in a mall, in the entrance of a restaurant or at your trade show booth.

banner printing

Retractable Banner, left; Step and Repeat Banner, right.

Step and Repeat Banners

Banners printed with your logo or name or message in an overall pattern get your business remembered by repetition and style. Step and repeat banners are most often used as backdrops for press conferences, award ceremonies, photo opportunities at galas and other events needing a background.

combination hanging banner sale

Multiple Large Hanging Banners

Banner Combinations

When you mix and match banner styles in specific ways, you’ll have a marketing campaign that coordinates with enough variety to hold interest. Think about these combos:
• Use small banners together with large hanging banners to add more detail to the big announcement.
• Hang a large banner outside your storefront and use retractable banners throughout the interior of your store to highlight specific offers or items.
• Cover a large interior area with a step and repeat banner and use small banners and retractable banners to make specific statements.

hanging banner combination

Multiple Small Hanging Banners

Map out your store or trade show booth now, and start including banners in your design. And remember, banners are sturdy enough to be used over and over, so they’re a great investment.

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