Business Card Printing Options

5 Engaging Business Card Printing Ideas

5 Engaging Business Card Printing Ideas

Business cards are one of the most old school marketing methods around, but there’s a reason that all of the top industry professionals are still using them – they work!

Basic Business Card For Salon

Business cards are a superb way to get your name out there and your contact details into the hands of those that need them. There are loads of different business card printing options to choose from and each one serves a purpose. All you have to do is figure out which format will work best for you, create a killer design, print business cards, and then start handing them out.

Basic Business Cards

If you’re operating on a tight budget then a simple yet stylish basic business card printing option could be the way to go. A smart one-sided business card is perfect for handing out your contact details when networking and trying to spread the word about a new business. All you need to include is your company name and logo along with your website and contact details, and this could make a big difference to the amount of people you are able to reach out to. Include a tag line to add a value statement about your business. One great way to stand out with a basic business card is to have a “portrait” style design, as opposed to the more traditional “landscape” style design.

Premium Business Cards

If you are looking to impress your potential clients and customers, a premium business card will really set the bar high. Using the highest grade paper and Pantone inks, you will be able to print premium business cards that reflect the quality of your company. Premium business card printing can also include unique printing processes, like white ink printing on colored cards, which looks fantastic and really makes your design pop. Take a look at the lovely white ink and colored paper business card design here for inspiration. You can even go for a rigid vinyl business card option if you want your business cards to be weather resistant, and these can be printed on a single or double sided card. 

Premium Business Card Printing White Ink

Raised Ink Business Card Printing

Raised Ink Business Card PrintingAnother type of superior business card printing is the raised ink business card. Raised ink adds a real touch of class and elegance to your design and helps you to stand out from the crowd. Raised ink designs are perfect for those that value the traditional, tried and true business card, that yes, does cost a bit more, but is appreciated when received.  It’s an investment in your persona, and anyone receiving them will have an idea of your professionalism and integrity.  You can choose one or two color designs and have them printed onto a variety of different stock types including an eco-friendly recycled paper option.

Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnet PrintingBusiness card magnets are a superb way to ensure that your business card never gets forgotten or lost among the hundreds of others a person may have received. You can have your awesome design printed onto a cool magnet which can be stuck on a fridge, filing cabinet, desk, or any other magnetic surface. This is a great option for service providers such as computer repair techs, photographers, plumbers, mechanics and builders, as your number will be right on hand when they need an emergency fix job. A small photograph of yourself on the magnet can boost response as it increases people’s trust levels.

Custom Business Cards

Custom Business Card FoldedIf you want to design a truly unique and eye catching business card then custom printing is the option for you. As the name suggests, custom business card printing offers a wide array of different card options to choose from as well as sizes, folding choices, rounded corners and finishing options. The sky’s the limit. A table tent custom business card like the one to the right can make your business card do dual purpose and give you extra space for including additional information or value statements about your business.

Business cards are a great marketing tool. They can really help keep your organization at top-of-mind for people who may need your services. And if your business card is memorable or unique, you have an even better chance of your card standing out from the others the recipient may have received. Take a look at some of the ideas and examples listed here and then start planning what your next business card will look like.

With’s easy to use ordering system the only difficult task you have is deciding which business card printing option best matches your needs! Once you’ve decided, take a look at our other online printing options for matching brochure printing and sell sheet printing.

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