4 Product Photography Tips for Trade Show Marketing Success

by June Jiang | July 31, 2013

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Although the internet has taken a large chunk of marketing effort nowadays, believe it or not, trade shows are still one of the most effective ways to get your next big order, to get your brand known, and to network. Many businesses, small or large, will budget and prepare print marketing materials for at least one important trade show per year.

wmyring1 tradeshow photography What to bring to the trade show booth becomes incredibly important since a tiny booth might cost a lot of money. To make every effort to achieve maximum exposure at the show, many businesses prepare the promotional materials to bring to the trade show, including full-color brochures, product booklets, sell sheets, postcards, magnets, and most importantly, large posters, signs, and banners to decorate the booth. That means a lot of high-quality photos and other imagery will be needed to make these print marketing materials as attractive as possible.

With product photography, we must put forth our best effort in making the most appealing photos as possible for trade show marketing, because these photos will either win or fail the test of the crowd. The tips below are worth trying to get the best type of images to use in trade show print marketing materials.

  1. Study your product. No matter what you are shooting, may it be wine, cosmetics, jewelry, or machinery, you need to study the product well. Texture, color, function, size, are all important factors in determining the type of the images to be taken.
  2. Plan well with the owner. While you are studying the product, you should be planning. A good product photographer knows how to make and communicate a shooting plan for how the product would be best presented.
  3. wmyring2crop trade show photographyGet creative. Based on your study of the product, get creative with the image setup. I was once asked to shoot some jewelry photos for a brochure. Instead of the popular setup of a plain velvet background or jewelry on a mannequin, I chose piano keys and a magazine page to be the background, as seen in the sample photos. The reason is, I was picturing a beautiful woman attending a classic music concert wearing beautiful clothes and a brilliant ring. So I relate the ring to music, and the piano. This shoot was done in the cold winter, but I thought these colorful gems would look great with some Spring color, so I found a magazine page with nice green color. Get creative, and the sky is the limit. Remember, the goal is to have your photo stand out from the others in a trade show room full of other brands begging for attention.
  4. Super size it. For large posters, banners, or super large prints that may hang a few feet high, you need to take super sharp images, and sharpen them even more in post production. You also need ways to create super large digital files that can print big without losing clarity.

There will certainly be other tips on trade show photography, it can be a challenging task, but it can also be a fun task. So before my next write-up, get out there and shoot some great product photos for trade shows, and share with us some of your tips.

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