3 Adorable Theme Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations – Boy or Girl!

by Sara Duane | June 20, 2013

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Baby showers are such happy times. The mother-to-be is glowing and preparing for her little bundle of joy, and her sister, mother, or best friend, is dutifully and happily planning for the impending baby shower celebration.

These days, many couples choose to discover the sex of the baby before it is born so they can plan ahead. The resulting baby showers are often pink or blue – or both in the case of fraternal twins!

However, not everyone wants to know the gender of the baby right away, waiting until the birth to learn the gender. Other couples want to be surprised by learning the sex of the baby in front of everyone at their baby shower with specially made cakes and other gender reveal ideas.  At these baby showers, a gender-neutral approach is most appreciated!

Following are three ideas for party themes and printing baby shower invitations that are perfect whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

Invitation Printing Rubber DuckieRubber Duckie, You’re the One.  They make baby showers so much fun! Dolls invoke images of little girls playing tea and toy cars are often associated with little boys, but rubber duckies, on the other hand, are unisex! Plus, they are so cute! So cute, that you can find duckie baby shower invitations, party favors, and other rubber duck themed items in many stores. There are also clip art and graphic design packages readily available online to help you design and print baby shower invitations with adorable rubber ducks on them.

Invitation Printing Bun OvenBun in the Oven. Everyone’s heard of this idiom, so it’s easy, but also clever.  After all, the father and mother have created a perfect recipe for their next course in life, right? Hey, that’s not bad for a copy idea, you have permission to steal it. Some imagery ideas to play with could be domestic, including ovens, egg timers, measuring cups, breads, buns and other baked goods like cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. And think of how this theme could translate into the refreshments and snacks! The Bun in the Oven theme may especially suit a foodie.

Invitation Printing Stork Baby Shower InviteSpecial Delivery. And what a special delivery it will be! The theme of a special delivery can be expressed in a variety of ways, from storks bearing bundles of joy to UPS delivering a precious package. You may also want to consider older or idealized modes of package delivery, including trains, planes, even the Pony Express for the equestrian-minded! I love this baby shower theme that combines the stork and airline idea into “Stork Airlines.”  Fragile, handle with care!  And don’t open before the delivery date on the package!

These are just a few gender-neutral baby shower invitations and themes. Perhaps you like one of them or maybe they don’t quite fit the (rubber duck) bill. If anything, hopefully this blog post helped to inspire you to think about the possibilities beyond pink and blue.

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