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Create a Die-Cut Pillow Box

by Mike Ricci | July 20, 2016

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We are always excited to help you create stunning projects. Recently we printed several die-cut pillow box designs featured on Envato Tuts+ in a step-by-step tutorial. With this tutorial, you will learn to create a custom design of your own. When done, send your project to us and we’ll digitally print your design with a fast turnaround and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Tutorial

Throughout the tutorial, you will see images of pillow boxes that feature our digital laser cutting service, and the tutorial makes it easy for you to recreate them, or you can create your own brilliant design using the information provided. Whatever your preference, Tuts+ will provide the steps necessary to generate a design from start to finish.

White Marble Pillow Box

The 5 Categories

All the information you need – complete with screenshots as visual aids – is organized into five categories with step-by-step instructions:

1. What You’ll Need for This Tutorial: The easiest of all steps, you’ll learn that you’ll need access to both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

2. Create a Die Line for Your Pillow Box: You’ll learn how to create your outline that shows us where to cut your artwork post-print.

3. Set Up Perforation Lines for Your Pillow Boxes: You’ll learn how to set up perforation lines, which indicate how to fold your pillow box.

Green Marble Pillow Box4. Create Your Pillow Box Design: You’ll learn how to use InDesign to match your Illustrator settings and use both programs in tandem.

5. Export Your Pillow Box for Printing: You’ll learn two ways of exporting your design to print: 1) send the native files, 2) send Smartpress.com a print-ready PDF file.

Envato Tuts+ offers thousands of video learning courses and tutorials to help individuals learn code, design, illustration, photography, music, web design, and more. We are happy to have partnered with Envato Tuts+ on the die-cut pillow box project.

Read through the tutorial to get started designing your own die-cut pillow box design, and submit your design using our online printing service.

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